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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Race in America

It is so, so difficult.

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A sad choice of words in a youtube world. His actions are far more eloquent in expressing his ideals.

This falls in the same category as the feckless public official who used the word "niggardly" in a public statement and lost his job over it. Isn't it true that black men, when they were young and growing up, were black boys?

Seriously? I guess it's easier to talk about this little piece of nothing than the assassination plots that some fringe folks hope will start the RaHoWa.

Or that some Democrats would rather vote for the Devil himself, than a HALF black guy.

Jimmy Carter was not referring to Barack the man, but Barack the Child. Even if he was, I would give him one of the oft sought-after black "passes". One got freed up this past summer.

over reaction. should we ban the word "boy" from our vocabulary? better yet, lets get Jimmy fired from his job and strip the "Former U.S. President" from his moniker. get a grip people.

Isn't it true that black men, when they were young and growing up, were black boys?

Absolutely. But if anyone else had said what Carter said, it would be a page one scandal. Especially if they had an "R" next to their name.

Yes, it's true that there are different rules for Republicans, because of their bigotry.

Alas, we are still Neanderthals after all. So much for civility and education.

You Demo apologists are pathetic. I don't give a rip if Carter, McCain, Bush, Jesse Jackson, or anybody else said it - grow some balls and call this guy out rather than complaining about "overreactions" and "non-stories." It's a story because a former president shouldn't shoot his mouth off before thinking.

A report like this at least gives us some hope that the MSM isn't TOTALLY in the pocket of the Left.

Mike, sometimes it's good to check out what you're talking about before you put your little diatribe up. There's really nothing there.

Yeah Allan, whatever. If it is truly "nothing there," then I guess those on the other side get a free pass, too? I'll be sure to watch your replies when some dumb Republican makes a similar faux pas.

if any non-demo said it, it would be front page news...if you don't think the media is biased, you are kidding yourself...

You're right Allan, there are some Republican bigots. But there are just as many bigots who are Democrats.

Now, I am not saying Carter is one. But this doesnt excuse the fact that people will give him a pass because of a blind ideology.

And lets face it, its the blind ideology...and party affiliation that is killing this country. Nobody gives a crap about this country or its people any more, its all about what party is in control. It about how much one party hates the other.
And its all f'n stupid.

Yes Allen, the only bigots to be found are in the R party. Why is it then that in some areas Barak carried almost 100% of the black vote? Must not of been because of bigotry at all could it?

Darrin, thanks for helping to support my thesis that the Republican party has a near monopoly on anti-black bias. Blacks understand this. Hence the voting.

Allan, it is so helpful to have someone speak up for the entire black community on this blog. Back to the point, if we are going to hold everyone to the same standards, that means Clinton, Carter, and everyone else should get the same criticism for saying (and more importantly, thinking) such things.

I'm not anti black at all or anti any race thank you. You are failing to see bigotry as the two way street it is and instead are only viewing it as a one way freeway. Typical of liberals.

where is the bigotry??? all black men where once boys, right?

"Typical of liberals."

Typical of preconceived solopsism.

There're two kinds of people in the world: Me; and You.
And there's One Love.

Jack, you might have taken a different impression hearing Carter say it, rather than reading the transcript. It was like: "a black ... boy."
I wasn't paying attention and didn't have the context of his answer, or the interview question. Just saying he paused long, thinking of the right word, pre-heard in his mind what this would sound like, and still then chose saying it as expressing his point.

One possibility, (though I'm certain this is false), is that Carter said: "Some people say, 'with Obama we have a black ... boy.'"

The construction of this possibility is to show where, perhaps, the newspaper could get its pull-quote for the next day. ... pull a grab-it out of a hatfull of context.

Y'know, I've made, like, y'know, a strong effort, y'know, like, paying attention to what I, y'know, say, so I can, y'know, catch and remove speech habits, y'know, before I say them. It's, like, y'know, hard work. Y'know. It takes, like, concentration. Really.

I used to say "boy-oh-boy" a lot, and "man-oh-man." Since I copied what I heard other people say, instead of thinking words mean things and then learning them.

Once, in a conversation with a black male, I said the "boy-oh-boy" as I used it for an interjection, and he reflexively objected and closed communication. I haven't ever said it again.

'Everybody else is just such a jerk because they didn't grow up the same way I did with the real American right idioms and dialect. That's why Mark Twain got famous -- his stories weren't new, just, an authentic sound of the American tongue was novel.'

Some day Black America will come to realize that the biggest obstacle to their success has been, what I call, the benevolent racism of white liberals.
It is their unspoken attitude that minorities should not be expected to be held to the same standards as mainstream America and, by offering a litany of excuses for their failures they segregate that segment of society and keep them down by reenforcing the message, "the deck is stacked against you".
The civil rights movement ended with the death of Martin Luther King and was replaced by a civil rights industry, championed by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. It is an industry that has a vested interest in self perpetuation and todays Democratic Party would lose its base without it.

speaking of self-perpetuation - especially when it comes to Sharpton - does anyone recall Tawana Brawley?

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