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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Belinda Carlisle is 50 today.

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I thought for a second you were going to tell me she was dead.

Heck, no. She's playing golf. Although for you young Turks, 50 may seem like dead.

Man, I am so sorry to say, I have no idea who Belinda Carlisle is. She sure looks beautiful though; if she'd call me up, I'd ask for a date to meet together.

Oh, btw, it could be that Bill Clinton is 62 today, or 60, I forget, I think. Belinda should not call him, I think.

USA Toady had a big Sat. piece on The Big Three all turning 50
Madonna/Prince/M.'lil boy lova'J

Today my hubby Frank and I sat in the shade of a grove of Quercus garryana -- what could be more beautiful? It was hot and a ton of people were there. We had great food and wine, as much as you could eat or drink. The hills opened up behind us, green grapes sculpting one slope -- golden wheat laying down another.

There was a band. Seemed promising. Their first song out of the gate was classic Rascals cannon. I started to tap my toes. And then they proceeded to phone in the next two hours of sooooo many great songs. Killing them all with -- oh god can I call it "kindness"?

Too soft, too sweet, too gentle too easy too too too - easy

And all around us were people our age just sitting there, and my god, I think they were liking it.

Help me. Do we not remember what "edge" adds? Have we all been lobotomized and just don't know it????

It's freaking scary. Has my generation finally found its way to Sinatra, at the Sahara? Eeeeuuw!

This post brings back memories of college parties circa 1982 with "We Got the Beat" cranking out as half barrels of cheap bear flowed. Damn--26 yrs just flew by!

Was trying to figure out why that name was familiar ... then I remembered she was a judge on that MTV show Rock the Cradle where the children of pop stars did a singing reality show. Apparently, she'd been a singer for a popular band in the early eighties, but I don't remember any of that on account of being a toddler. ;-)

Just so we're clear here... The next president of the United States is going to be younger than Belinda Carlisle, Madonna, Prince, etc.

Strange thing, Kari: President McCain looks older than all three of them.

Vacation, all I ever wanted!
Vacation, got to get away!

Wow didn't she look and sound cool doing "I kissed a seal?"


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