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Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain finds his Ferraro

Wily old John McCain -- he's got a female running mate.

O.k., all you Hillary supporters -- run right over. Who needs reproductive rights, anyway?

Comments (55)

Is that all you care about for America?

The Executive branch can do nothing about abortion - nothing at all. At the most the President can nominate a judge but Congress still must confirm - Congress has the final say.

Only the Supreme Court or Congress can set the legality for abortion.

I'll still give you a grade of 'B' for effort - for continuing the Democrat deception.

I'm celebrating tonight!

Is that all you care about for America?

The Executive branch can do nothing about abortion - nothing at all.

The President will appoint three people to the Supreme Court in the next two years. If McCain is elected, Roe v. Wade will be overturned within three or four years.

As for your question about my concerns for our country, I'm sorry, but I have a rule: When I argue with jerks on the internet, I limit myself to one issue at a time.

I'm celebrating tonight!

Me, too. She may turn out to be a real liability.

She may, but I doubt it. He needed a solid conservative. I thank god he didn't choose Lieberman.

Is she smarter than Quayle? I don't think McCain knows.

In high school, they called her "Sarah Barracuda."

I get your point but,,,

"reproductive rights"?

Isn't that just a bit of re-labeling?

The right to an abortion is called a right to reproduce?

As far as a Roe v Wade being overturned?

As much as the left pretends otherwise that would not result on a prohibtion of abortions.

Yet it would certainly lead to States having the right to ban partial birth, late term and live birth abortions which around 85% of Americans would prefer to see outlawed.

Actually, she and McCain will probably attack contraception as well as abortion. That's the real "Christian" agenda, and Bush has already started the program.

As far as a Roe v Wade being overturned? As much as the left pretends otherwise that would not result on a prohibtion of abortions.

States would be left to do as they please, and many states would outlaw abortion altogether except when the mother's life is in danger. Plain and simple fact.

Just for fun, here she is as a Miss Alaska contestant in 1984.

The "real 'Christian' agenda"? (Nice use of scare quotes.) I'm bummed. I thought I was a Christian, but I didn't get the VRWC memo from KKKarl Rove about how we're supposed to attack contraception.

And Howard's right -- it's a small minority that believes "reproductive rights" equates to ending the life of a fetus at any stage of development. Most Americans (even us "Christians") have a more reasonable perspective.


I think it's going to backfire for him (thank god). The only thing i dislike more than an anti-choice candidate is a FEMALE anti-choice candidate.

"States would be left to do as they please, and many states would outlaw abortion altogether except when the mother's life is in danger."

So the majority in those states want that outcome, but you're going to impose something on them they don't want? What was that you were posting about Bush eroding freedom?

As a lifelong independent who registered democrat for the first time last spring to vote for Obama...I'd rather have Hillary for president than McCain kicking it and leaving Sarah Palin in charge. Looks like she has done great things in Alaska but VP= no way.

P.S.- keep your laws off my body.

Two years ago she was part-time mayor of a town of 7,000 in Alaska. That is the experience we need to run our country! or not

"I'd rather have Hillary for president than McCain kicking it and leaving Sarah Palin in charge. Looks like she has done great things in Alaska but VP= no way"

SMJ, couldn't agree more. McCain has made a flawed move, and the Republicans have no remaining reservoir of good will built by the previous Republican administration that will let most voters to over-look this Quayle-like candidate.

She'd certainly look better getting that 3am call than poor old McCain.

Picking her just has to complicate McCain's "inexperience" attack line.

I think only a seriously desperate and/or a cynical GOP would consider nominating someone like Ms. Palin after eight (long) years of a VP like Cheney.

Does anyone here believe Palin is ready to sit in the Oval office? Seriously. McCain's 142 years old and he picks someone who clearly is not ready to take over if anything happened to him.

I think instead of the word "Christian," Jack should have used "Christianists."

The right-wing Christianists' real agenda is to punish women for having sex for any reason other than reproduction (inside a marriage, of course). That's why they would like to outlaw contraception as well ... if they thought they could get away with it.

John Fairplay: democracy isn't always majority rules. One of the great things about this country is we have constitutional rights to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. What if the majority of people in a state wanted to vote that african-americans had to go back to sitting at the back of the bus? Are we "eroding freedom" if we don't let the majority have their way?

If you don't want an abortion, don't have one.

The fact that she's from Alaska and relatively unknown is a huge plus for me.

How can Obama talk about change, then select Joe Biden, a 35 year senator, for VP? Seriously?

at any stage of development.

As you well know, but insist on distorting, currently the federal Constitution allows states to ban abortion during the third trimester (unless the mother's health is at stake), and to regulate the practice at earlier stages as well. But activist judges placed on the Court by the Republican Party would like to change the interpretation of the Constitution to allow states to outlaw abortion (or contraception, for that matter) at any time. They currently have four votes for that, and need only one more. If John McCain and Sarah Palin are elected, they will in fact get three more. And then for first-trimester abortions many American women's options will be a distant state or a back alley.

How can Obama talk about change, then select Joe Biden, a 35 year senator, for VP?

How can he not propose changing the U.S. flag to purple? He's not talking about changing everything. He's talking about changing the stupidity that has been running this country straight into the ground for the last eight years. If something happens to Obama, I'd be perfectly happy with President Biden. If something happened to President McCain, I'd be very, very worried.

Thank God, McCain didn't pick someone who is intelligent, articulate, personable and experienced like Pawlenty. I hope the RNC doesn't override McCain's choice. What a boon for Obama.

As I told a friend this morning, Romney is the strong pick that would have initially seemed weak, and Palin is the weak pick that initially seems strong.

Here's my question: She's got a reputation as a reformer, but is also facing an ethics investigation already.

Is the McCain campaign so confident that Palin is squeaky clean that they're willing to risk putting national attention on the Ted Stevens trial?

Anyone care to bet how much fundraising overlap there is between Palin and Stevens? Alaska's a very small state -- it'll be hard for her to avoid any ethical backsplatter from the Stevens mess.

it'll be hard for her to avoid any ethical backsplatter from the Stevens mess

But Alaska voters have already weighed in on ol' Ted. It's all OK.

As for the rest of the country, well, we'll see.

This is a silly prank, perfectly in keeping with from McCain's utter contempt for the idea of governing. His "not ready for prime time" organization, as has been widely noted, is looking more and more like a war room masquerading as a campaign.

BTW, judging from his recent comment about his wife, Pawlenty--common touch or no--is another snickering, frat-boy republican prankster.

1. Sex isn't really fun unless it's dangerous, preferably life-threatening.
2. It's hard to blackmail people or dominate them when the things their nature compels them to do are altogether legal.
3. Reproductive rights, assisted suicide and the like only serve to remove the primal fear in people that is vital to maintaining government control.

An utterly cynical choice. Right up there with 41's life insurance policy in the form of Dan Quayle. These people don't give a spit about our country; they just want the power of office.

Damn, I had money on Larry Craig.

Ask her how to spell potato.

Bet she could shoot a potato at 50 yards.

Jack, it's apparent that you felt my comments in response to you were too extreme, since you felt the need to delete them. I apologize if I offended you.

I was leaning McCain, but hoping he wouldn't try something like this. Nothing against this lady, and it is a little refreshing having someone with virtually no ties to D.C. (she ought to win the contest for which of the four candidates is closest to "middle America" because of her background), but it looks too much like a stunt to get the female former Clinton vote. Wasn't there another Republican woman he could have picked with a bit more name recognition?

Dan Quayle in a skirt. What a ham handed stunt.

Now now Nancy, let's save the sexist comments...for Hillary?
Seriously, gotta keep it on the issues or the GOP will launch the sexism counterattack...
I voted Hillary in the primaries and was going to not vote come Nov.
But after the impressive--moving--convention we just witnessed, I'm going to vote for Obama.
I just can't imagine McCain keeling over and this VP pick chatting policy matters with the leaders of Afghan., Iran, Iraq...or
Billings, Montana.
Heard that Kay Bailey Hutchinson was in the running too--might have been more formidable?
But heard McCain didn't see eye-to-eye with the Texas senator.

"Dan Quayle in a skirt. What a ham handed stunt." What an insult to D. Quayle! Dan Quayle had 12 years of experience in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate before selected as H.W's V.P. in '88. This lady was a part-time mayor of a small rural village in Alaska, plus two years as the Governor of a oil-rich geographically isolated state with only 670,000 people. One could argue that a former mayor of a town of the size of Portland is more qualified to become president of the U.S. McCain is demonstrating a complete lack of discernment and good judgment with this pick. The press release actually referenced her experience as the "commander in chief of the Alaskan National Guard" and the fact that her son is in the Army as relevant experience qualifying her to become president. It's obvious that a vote for McCain is a vote for more of the same shallow, knee jerk, non-analytical thinking that has gotten us into this F-ing mess we're in right now.

"One could argue that a former mayor of a town of the size of Portland is more qualified to become president of the U.S."

If someone plants this thought with Tom Potter or Sam Adams, I will hunt you down!

If someone plants this thought with Tom Potter or Sam Adams, I will hunt you down!

You go, Vera!

First for me, wordwork: Sarah Palin = Sharing Failing.

What a delightful surprise that the splinter faction headbutting themselves with the devilish details of depravity, pull-scrums the lot of their ilk into the margin and lockstep off the edge, and as a favor to normal decency, jumping themselves into irrelevance and oblivion.

I disagree that the single-issue stooges mean to stop parents from their choice of stopping. Exactly the opposite: I say the deluded dupes dream they can seize that for their dispensation, so that everyone eventually pays them for a licensed permission to procreate.

Whatever their case of dementia, medical meddlers are antagonists whose time never came ... back, after the Pope smoked dope a few centuries ago. Irrelevancy is irrelevant, by definition. Creationist kookery: FAHGEDDABOUDDIT.

What all is so evident -- in the air, and in everyone's excitement here, and at the New Moon in Virgo tomorrow -- has a unity interpretation: This week we see The Tipping Point -- Reagan/Bush is all over but the pouting, see the dead-end of the capitalist roaders; the democratic spirit of America reincarnates in We the People for a change.

Now there are things we can consider in Alaska, begat in the folly of Seward. Look first at its foolfather Stevens, today condemned as a criminal. ( biography rap sheet -- Stevens also took part — illegally — in lobbying for the statehood .... "[W]e were lobbying from the executive branch, and there's been a statute against that for a long time.... We more or less, I would say, masterminded the House and Senate attack from the executive branch.")

Despite him, the residents have the enviable good sense to parlay their natural wealth into a State dividend payment, each year, to each of them. Which serves as a model for all of us, here in the lower 48. Money and Politics in America ... the American Monetary Act, by Richard C. Cook, August 27, 2008 -- On the AMI website at is a remarkable document, the American Monetary Act. Under the Act, the Federal Reserve would be retained as a national financial clearinghouse but would no longer be a bank of issue. The system would be overseen by a Monetary Control Board within the U.S. Treasury Department. The Act also includes a provision for a citizens’ dividend, similar in some respects to the Alaska Permanent Fund, which would inject desperately needed purchasing power into the economy without additional government debt or taxation.

Anyway, the GOP icon -- ol' Grumpy On Prozac -- hellbent at high speed going South, has picked just the ticket that brings forward new meaning in his quixotic tilt to "drill the North slope." Can't do it meets Doesn't do it.

The bully and the bimbo.

Tenskwatawa, are you ever coherent?

I apologize if I offended you.

I was not offended, but I was concerned about the accuracy of what you had written.

Those of you who are concerned that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned by the courts, need to recognize that Roe vs. Wade has already been overturned. The original Supreme Court decision declared that during the third trimester of pregnancy, the rights of the fetus trump the rights of an unwilling incubator. The advocates of partial birth abortion have already succeeded in overturning that aspect of Roe vs. Wade.

"Thank God, McCain didn't pick someone who is intelligent, articulate, personable and experienced"?

It appears Palin is quite intelligent, articulate, personable and more experienced that Obama himself. Palin, running a State, is far more responsibility than Obama has ever tackled. And she's reformed far more than Obama's talking about reform.

But the wise Tensky calls her a bimbo?

Thanks for pointing that out Howard. Why in the world do some resort to name calling instead of a healthy discussion. This site is kind compared to a few liberal sites I have read describing Palin. I thought dems were "hate free".

Just like when some folks try to fit all persons who happen to detest abortion into some right wing christian conspiracy group with an agenda. Guess what, there are people out there who just think a baby's right to live is a bigger priority than the mom's right to end a life. Not much more of an agenda to it than that.

Palin, running a State, is far more
responsibility than Obama has ever tackled.

GMAFB. Less than two years ago, she was part-time mayor of a town of 6000. Now she's the governor of a state with a population smaller than Multnomah County's. Even the lowly job of state senator from Chicago is worth more than that.

Then there's the minor difference between Harvard Law School and the journalism department at the University of Idaho. Laughable.

Go back to your guns and your hidey-hole.

people out there who just think a baby's right to live is a bigger priority than the mom's right to end a life. Not much more of an agenda to it than that.

Yeah, well, bring it on.

Pro or no choice aside, I look forward to the twisting and squirming of hard-line religious conversatives who cannot conceive of either a black candidate nor a female candidate. They have no choice now. Should be interesting.

Jack, I am always ready to bring it on in a healthy discussion.

PS. I cooked one the pies you will be eating in the contest tomorrow.

The only discussion that counts is the one that happens in the ballot box in November. You go ahead and bring to that conversation whatever you can scare up with the two candidates you've now got. Good luck.

The pundits are already digging up the dirt on Sarah. The mud will stick.
She is a super light weight with no meaningful experience, creditentials, or education. And...she's got dirt on her skirts. Even David Gergen was stunned speachless tonight on Larry King.
McBushy really messed this up and this proves he got no business trying to run my country! Let's remember that McCain is not the brightest bulb either. 5th from the bottom of your class at the Naval Academy where you were only
admitted as a legacy is not good.
I'll take young and smart over old and dumb any day!


Add that to the list of trupted up middle school names the left is piling on Palin.

Of course Governor Palin is neither a bimbo or dumb and as a Governor has assumed and perfomred the responsibilites that come with being a governor.
Far more than Obama.
In comparision Obama is the light weight with his follow-around-the-grown-ups-with-a-rubber-stamp approach to being a state and congressional Senator.
Quite similar to our own David Wu.

Obama's number 1 least experience at real world leadership is equal to his number 1 most liberal Senator.
And talk about "dirt on Palin's skirt?

By the time we vote the left will have recreated Palin in their own imnaginary caricture caster this fine person as a despicable sub human.

That's what you do best.

That's what you do best.

OMFG---the Dems could never hope to hold a candle to what the right does to their opponents..

Obama is Chicago's David Wu. I like that.

It's funny how nice you can make "infanticide" sound when you pronounce it "reproductive rights."

Or would be if it weren't still describing such a disgusting, immoral thing.

Reproductive rights include contraception, which Governor Palin also opposes. See how well at worked at her house?


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