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Monday, August 18, 2008

Let's hang on

We are slipping into late August, which for us is usually a bittersweet time. The days are still pretty long, the sun is still relatively high, and late summer bounty is all around. Tomatoes. Corn. Cucumbers. Still some stone fruit around. Footballs are starting to fly around the sunflowers. We've had some time now to celebrate our good fortune, and the party's pretty much in full swing.

But there's no mistaking the fact that what once was bursting out of every bloom is now beginning to wane a little. There are beautiful days ahead -- momentous days, special days, when the light of August may seem like it's going to shine for years -- but it's hard not to look back a little wistfully at what has just passed. It's important now to drink up what's left of the summer, and to do so with appreciation, even reverence. It will be a long road back to here.

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I have to admit today's rain and cold caught me way off guard and left me pretty depressed for most of the day.

It takes me a while to get ready for winter here in Portland and the wild swings from sunny and 104 to rainy and 68 don't help.

What Jack said. Amen. Glory in writing. "a long long road back to here." Amen.

Jack, I hope you do some short story or prose writing as well as blog writing. Lovely.

I guess I am an Oregonian through and through. Personally, I can't wait for Fall - favorite time of year for me. I love the rain! I love the cold! Summer is great for a while but these 100 degree days are killing me. I'm ready.

I'm convinced that Portland summers don't operate on the same timeline as what a calendar claims, especially an academic one. Summer ends the day after Labor Day? Uh, no. I've gone hiking on the coast on November days when the temperature is in the 70s and I usually don't take my hammock down until mid-October.

After the region's colder-than-usual spring, I think we deserve a Halloween with temps in the low 80s.

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