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Sunday, August 24, 2008

If I were a Beaverton taxpayer...

... which I'm not, I'd be asking why my local police are hanging around the State Fair in Salem busting people for selling fake Rolexes.

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Nothing at the link. They pull the article already?

On that still-lousy web site, you can never tell. At the moment, the posted link is working.

I am one (at least to whatever extent my landlord passes along property taxes). I'll look into it.

Since it is Beaverton, I am assuming they were looking ofr Nike.

That would be interesting, since when last I heard, Nike made a big point of not paying Beaverton taxes.

This kind of cross-agency work is pretty common for big events around these parts. I know from past experience that when political figures come to town, outside agencies send officers to Portland to take part.

During visits by George W. Bush, I have seen uniformed officers from Salem, Gresham, the Oregon State police and so on.

Not sure what the big security need is at the state fair, though.

And why enforcement of large corporations' trademark rights are such a high priority.

Given the large number of photo radar and photo red light units located in Beaverton and operated by outside contractors, Beaverton's cops have nothing to do all day. The Beaverton cops at the Fair were probably just on their lunch break when they stumbled across some potentially fake Nikes.

From what I heard the BPD has been working a case involving the fake rolexs. It is quite common for Police in Oregon to go and investigate things all over the state involving their area/city.

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