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Thursday, August 7, 2008

How dare he?

Here's a tax law professor who's been expelled from his post in the Republican Party for supporting Obama. [Via TaxProf Blog.]

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"as a prominent Republican you should think of our party's interests and put them above personal interests."

Sums up where the party went wrong...

It's a good thing the Democrats don't have to take a loyalty oath:

On August 9, 2006, Hillary Clinton affirmed her pledge to support the primary winner, saying "voters of Connecticut have made their decision and I think that decision should be respected",[101] and Howard Dean called for Lieberman to quit the race, saying he was being "disrespectful of Democrats and disrespectful of the Democratic Party".[102]

Because they might have alienated Joe Lieberman if they really meant it.

Was he only expelled from a Republican Committee, rather than the party?

Any potential voter who ticks the party box on their registration form can hardly be expected to tow the party line in total. The distinction is not a small one.

Suppose that agreement, in total, with BlueOregon official posters was a precondition for membership in the Oregon Democratic Party, rather than participation in one or another committee. How many people would be in that party?

I was going to mention the hypocrisy regarding the Dem's treatment of Lieberman but Mr Tee beat me to it.

While we're on the subject, you of the D party can take back that idiot Gordon Smith at any time.

His latest commercial (with the gross sprayed on tan) saying about "I don't care who gets the credit" made me want to hurl.

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