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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

He's been right so far

And this economist says we're in for another brutal year of recession, including hundreds of bank failures across the country.

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That was a hair-raising tale Jack. Here are a couple of more for you.

The World’s Grandest Ponzi Scheme Unravels


You Know The Banking System Is Unsound When....


Expect no calvary to arrive. You're on your own.

Invest in yourself: knowledge, savvy, tools, trades, acumen, beliefs, and your own second or third income. Get involved in your community and church networks. Get frugal to the extreme.

Prepare thyself.

Expect no calvary to arrive. You're on your own.

Sounds to me as if a calvary is exactly whay you're anticipating...

It was looking like Dubya was going to just miss doubling the national debt. Burning up an extra half trillion dollars in the next six months seems like a tall order, but a banking bailout could do it. That ten trillion dollar mark is so close.

He's leaving office with two wars and staggering national debt, but George might end up looking like a good president if he manages to make the government default on the next guy.

Me? Nah. I'm not expecting a calvary nor do I need one.

I was raised by my grandparents on a small farm in the Midwest. I watched my grandfather plow our garden and three acres with a team of horses. I learned how to learned how to hunt and grow my own food.

I am totally prepared to become self-sufficient and don't need no stinking calvary to rescue me and mine.

Pdxrenter, you might want to pull out your dictionary and look up "calvary" and "cavalry."

As I said, there is no pie under the meringue.

As I said, there is no pie under the meringue.

Why do you bring up that dance? ;-)

Several years ago some friends teen age kids asked for some advice (can you believe that?) about jobs, education, etc. I told them someday, soon, being able to change your own vehicle plugs, change the oil, build a deck, change a lock, unplug a toilet, fix a leak, paint a room, drill a hole, fix an outlet, and just have common sense on how to take care of yourself, your family is (as always), and will be even more valuable.

Education is great, but we are developing a generation that can hardly change a lite bulb. I said combine education with being able to live without hiring out every thing. Your survival may be dependent on it. If not, you are going to pay yourself many times over in so many way with practical knowledge.

Oh no...I misused a word...that must mean I'm stupid and have nothing relevant to say...

Is that what you wanted to hear drivin' fool?

did you not know what I meant? Did that one word change the entire meaning of what I said.

If you can't tell already...I DON'T LIKE GRAMMAR NAZIS...you stinking little cretin

look that one up

There's no stoppin' the cretins from hoppin' . . .

Actually PDX Renter, I thought that you might want to begin using the correct word. cc tried to do the same thing, but it blew right past you. The calvary charges on.

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