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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Guess who's getting rich while we go beyond broke to "save" them

The stupidity of the American invasion of Iraq becomes more and more outrageous each day.

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It hardly seems fair to make the Iraqis pay for the things we broke. I mean, even without our ill-planned invasion, they'd still have that oil revenue. I'm actually amazed that, despite its problems, the Iraqi government understands the concept of "saving." If our politicians ran that country, they'd be fighting over whether it was better to issue "rebate checks," buy newer military toys, pay-off their supporters with pork-ladden bills, start new programs, or just raise their own salaries. Once we fix all that infrastructure we literally bombed back to the stone age, we can stop footing the bill.

Or, would you say it's okay for folks to break things in Walmart and not pay for them because Walmart has the money?

This infuriates me so much I can hardly write. I can't believe our military forces are still over there. I can't believe the American people have become so uninformed and so passive that they allow this to happen. I can't believe that I haven't emigrated to Canada yet.

Maybe we can apply for a grant from the Iraqis for money to fix the Sellwood Bridge?

I'm sure Paul Wolfowitz is really steamed that Iraq's oil revenues aren't paying for the entire thing.

That's what he predicted (another lie told to Tim Russert's face that he never bothered to call wolfie on) during the march toward war.

We have the policy and leaders we deserve.

The fact that Iraq has the money versus it all disappearing before it can be used could be a good sign.
That their economy is rebuilding and becoming productive.
And they have yet to spend the current ue.
Why should we presume the Iraq leadership is simply hording it at our expense?

So you liberal democrats can put the worst spin possible on it?

I mean really, you all have been condemning everything about Iraq with charges that we destroyed the country and here comes a story that they are becoming productive and improving and that's a bad sign too?

Once upon a time the rebuilding of Iraq was intended to be financed by Iraqi oil dollars but the oil infrastructure was not secured and we forgave the loans. Hey maybe they will simply trade oil for the forgiven debts. Not a chance suckers.

Hell, I wouldn't bother to rebuild either, as long as a foreign army occupied the country and could potentially blow the whole damn thing up again. Or start a war with the country next door.

Next to the entry "Idealistic Stupidity" in any American dictionary, there ought to just be a little mirror.

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