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Monday, August 11, 2008


A reader who believes in omens isn't too happy about this development last week:

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I hope the reader with the bad omen does not live under or near the Sellwood Bridge. At least the before and after photos will be more dramatic.

Does "A reader" understand that it was erosion that created the arch in the first place? Erosion by definition doesn't occur and suddenly halt when something looks pretty.

How long before this is blamed on global warming? tick tick tick tick tick.....

Nope. I'd bet it depends more on local heating and freezing, than global warming.

Bummer,,,, well maybe the old photos are worth more now??

I remember my last trip to New Hampshire where as a kid the old man of the mountain always watched over us as we navigated the twisting highways, and time and freeze thaw cycles finally got to it as well.

This park needs to invest in a couple of hundred pairs of Dr. Scholls arch supports.

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