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Thursday, July 31, 2008

You can check out any time you like

When you read that the Usual Suspects are about to start a big hotel project on the edge of the Pearl, you have got to hope that there is no public money involved. Because you couldn't pick a stupider time to build a hotel than now.

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Actually there's something perfect about selling timeshares in the Pearl. Timely idea - it's a good spot for an urban staycation - no more gassing up the Escalade for the Soprano-McMansion folks that live around here. I hope they come up with a good infomercial. Something classy.

The taxpayers of Portland can come visit their money.

They'll keep the light on for you, Jack.

The smart-growth-strip-mall development out by the airport has a trendy looking hotel going in as well... wonder if they get TOD credits for being close to an unused light rail stop?

I actually think a timeshare in the Pearl might work. As much as the locals may despise the area, it has become a bit of a destination for tourists. Or at least, I constantly hear people tell me how they visited Portland and they loved the Pearl District. And it's not like their are a lot of other similar urban timeshares in Portland. But agreed, there is absolutely NO reason to spend public funds on this.

There is a rumor that Weston has been shopping for a location for a "W" hotel in Portland for a while. The Pearl fits there MO.

So they want timeshares in Fake New York, eh? Does the real Greenwich Village have timeshares?

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