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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Too much information

Way too much.

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Or just go around with a blindfold hood ... and handcuffed ... and we don't have to see such things.

Israeli soldier firing rubber bullet at Palestinian at close range - Victim blindfolded and cuffed, Rory McCarthy in Jerusalem, The Guardian, July 21, 2008.

[video at link] (and all over YouTube)

In this, no information is too much information. The American public has been kept in the dark far too long.

If our soldiers weren't doing this crap, he wouldn't have to demonstrate it, now, would he?

Don't like it? Do something to stop it.

The most appalling thing about this article is not what this defender did - appropriately or inappropriately - to make his point. It's the comments supporting torture and humiliation that follow the article.

"It's the comments supporting torture and humiliation that follow the article."

I think it might surprise you how out of touch with mainstream Americans you are.

Lets see... Having some womans pantie's placed on your head or having your shoulders dislocated in vietnam which is torture.

You act like you know who the 9/11 perps are.

Hint: The 9/11 perps are NONE of the nineteen names and photos the 'intelligence community' gave to the massmedia to sensationalize.

And you have not one single stitch or shred of evidence that those nineteen are the perps. For instance, saying what they were doing in bars in the days before 9/11 is NOT evidence.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of evidence of someone else doing it, but that's another story. Here, the story is that you cannot back up your false fantasy beliefs, because the massmedia never backed up theirs. They simply fed the lies to you. and you swallowed it whole.

I heard Lars Larson was in on it.

Well, there you have it -- authoritarian proof.

It's the only possible interpretation in such an abundance of information.

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