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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tit for tat

Here's an answer to the New Yorker Obama cover.

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Since both the New Yorker and Huffington are in the Obama corral, I'm not sure I'd call it tit for tat. Maybe tit for tit?

No kidding.
The New Yorker was trying to cast aspertions at Republicans by lampooning that Republicans would make a cover like they did.

Well Republicans didn't and now the Huff Post, another lib, is further playing the one sided nonsense.

The New Yorker cover was ridiculous and demonstrative of the left's falling all over themselves to cast Repubs in bad light.

Now they've managed to fall all over their own candidate.

You guys are even more tired than McCain.

omg that is great! thanks for sharing!

However he marches, BSO's hat will be askew, and he'll remain out of step. He's deaf to the beat, and blind to the uniform he aspires to. 4F. Not qualified. Can't find his records. Should never have applied to enlist. Would probably make a good activist/organizer in a midwest setting.

I read that editor of the New Yorker said "the cover was chosen because it had something to say."

Could that be "We wanted Hillary?"

He's deaf to the beat

In contrast, if there's a word that describes McCain perfectly, it's "beat."

Here's another one.

Great riposte! Hope its widely circulated.

Thanks for posting it.

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