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Saturday, July 26, 2008

There but for the grace of God go I

This is why I own neither a lawn mower nor a firearm.

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The fool, should have used a 44 magnum.

It clearly seems a case of self defense to me.
Once you get that lawn mower up on the stand, he's going to have to admit to carry a blade with intention to use it.

Not guilty.

What sort of world is this where a free USAan man can't shoot his own lawn mower with his own gun?

What would the founding fathers have said?

Well, actually I'd imagine it would be something like "Why are you killing my livestock?"

But still.

Possible six years for shooting his lawnmower for not starting? Hell, he could have shot his neighbor for being a buttinsky and gotten 7. ;-)

Can we assume there are other dissimilarities?

Lawn Order.


Stay off the grass.

Actually, I love your comment. Very clever.

Sue wins!

Special Victims Unit

Looks like the perp and Nick Nolte have been using the same stylist.

Blade Gunner

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