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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"That's a nice espresso machine ya got there...

... It would be a shame if sumtin' bad happened to it."

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Not much difference between the cops and a protection racket in this case.

Didn't something similar recently occur in PDX? (without the threats)

It's so sad when LEOs think they are above the law

Well, I know the officers at PPB have much more character than this guy in Daytona Beach. I have less faith in ol' Randy Leonard whose first order of business to produce a 2 month public safety study was to exclude the Chief of police. He has since apologized.

Here in good old Portland, the cops can shoot a man in the back and keep their job. Too bad this coffee thieving cop didn't have Robert King to go to bat for him.

what none said. I often stare open-mouthed at some of the statements that Mr. King makes on behalf of his members. There is no integrity there, and I really think he does a disservice to the wonderful, dedicated ethical police officers that we really DO have when he continues to defend the thugs amongst them so vociferously.

"Didn't something similar recently occur in PDX?"

Yes, at the 7-11 at NE Weidler and 3rd. Officer Lindsay Hunt was fired for snitching on the officers involved. It looked a little odd that the police had a round the clock presence at that store, but they don't seem to camp there any more.

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