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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sun sun sun, here it comes

Ever have that feeling of waking up and not knowing where you were?

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As a young man around 22 I woke up at aroudn 11:00 am on the beach at Waikiki after passing out the night before. Vacation-partying at the clubs I over did it and could only manage to stagger down to the beach and drop. Where I slept till 11:00

I remember when I woke up the beach was packed with about a 20 foot diameter circle of nothing around me where no one wanted to park next to the passed out fool.

Families, couples and friends all enjoying the beach and I had to press myself up to standing and walk off.

Man was that embarassing.

Sometimes, just for a second, I wake up and don't know where I am or at what point my life is. I think dreams mess me up. But it feels good, and when I know again, sometimes it's disappointing.

Didn't a Kyle Buress run for City Council? Couldn't be same guy. But this sounds like something that fool would do.

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