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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Here's the way some angry neighbors got even for having an unwanted group home for the "criminally insane" sited in their neck of the Oregon woods: They recalled the district attorney.

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And we should do the same...recall COP and Metro elected officials for building unwanted light rail and streetcars throughout the region.

And while we're at it, MultCo officials for ignoring the need to replace the Sellwood bridge.

And we could go on and on, yes?


People have to live somewhere. Yay bigotry.

We really need to figure out what to do with mentally ill people who are potentially dangerous. Right now, it seems as though we have two choices: jail, and unsupervised in the house next door. No wonder we have laws like Measure 11.

I don't recall so many disturbed people on the streets 30-odd yrs ago--we must have had some system in place. hmmmmmmmm

33% to 38% of those incarcerated in Oregon jails are mentally ill, and in need of care, not punishment. If Wapato would have been configured as a mental health facility rather than a jail there would at least be a place for folks to be kept (or returned to) while getting necessary treatment. Meanwhile, this would have freed space in the existing bad guy jails for real crooks. Everyone says not in my back yard, but where then? After closing Dammasch State hospital in 1995 there is virtually no housing or real care for the not so sane criminals who are eligible to leave full time custody.

I get the concern, but his name is Cutsforth. I mean, what was expected?

"Criminally insane" is an oxymoron!

Uhh...hard to comment on this one, as there are so many details that cannot be fully understood. However, I have to ask---What would you do if it were coming to your neighborhood? I'll have to admit, as much of a bleeding heart liberal I am, I get afraid. I really do.

We need to find a market-based solution to this problem. For example, we'll take Hawaii's garbage if they'll take ours...

So the Wheeler County voters took matters into their own hands when their DA's actions didn't suit them. I wish they had been as fussy a while back when their sheriff's office needed some housecleaning.

Wow, democracy is a dangerous thing when the voting populace is ignorant, bigoted, and selfish. Of course, that's how got this president, so it's a wonder I'm surprised.

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