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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Portland State? Let them eat cake.

The Scone and his pals at OHSU are about to hit up the state for a quarter-billion for their SoWhat shangri-la. (Hoffman Construction is hungry.) This would no doubt mean lots less construction money for the rest of the state university system, but hey, OHSU always does such a great job staying within a budget, how could the higher ed board say no?

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Every construction project that OHSU has done in recent history where the university has had full control of the project has come in under budget. The tram was over budget, but that was because OHSU didn't control the process.

Good point. For example, they are WAY under the budgeted figure for bio-tech jobs down there on the Willamette.

But right now, the project’s conceptual team is “just trying to find the appropriate scope in scale,” Mah said.


OHSU regrets its move to become private. The State is not inclined to give them a dime for anything. So these types of partnerships are the only way for it to get anything done. Hopefully, the campus will be about 75% PSU, OSU, and UofO, and about 25% OHSU.

Of course, this all assumes the willingness of Oregonians to invest money in our higher education system, which we're too stupid and short-sighted to do.

"Of course, this all assumes the willingness of Oregonians to invest money in our higher education system, which we're too stupid and short-sighted to do."

I'm not so sure "we" are being short-sighted so much as our legislators have allowed corporations to skate through our state virtually tax-free.

There is a lot more to investing in higher education than by developing real estate via fancy buildings. Encumbering this state with $200M for a basketball stadium isn’t at the top of the list either.

Roger, You can probably blame OHSU for too-rosy projections about the number of biotech jobs, but not for the lack of those jobs. The blame for that lies with a state citizenry and government that has under-funded infrastructure and higher education for a quarter century, at least.

"There is a lot more to investing in higher education than by developing real estate via fancy buildings."

That's very true. There are definitely better ways to use that amount of money within our current system.

I was probably rash to say we're too "stupid" in invest in higher ed, but "short sighted" definitely applies

At the end of the day, the priorities of the "public" are reflected in the budget. And by that measure, Oregon doesn't prioritize higher education. We can debate the causes, who should pay, etc. but money doesn't lie.


You are out of line.

OHSU has misspent hundreds of millions, made comittments they cannot keep and risked their core missions and enitre operation.

They just ran through the $200 million Oregon Oportunity, built a building on the hill they need $65 million more to equip and staff and are supposed to complete a SoWa building that includeds 100 parking spaces the PDC already paid for by 2010.

The reckless and manipulated expansion into SoWa under the charade of future biotech cluster was nothign short of fraud. Despite whatever the Oregonian editorial board writes.

That editorial board editor, Bob Caldwell is married OHSU's head PR person Laura Cuykendaul.
The schemes and scam continue with this new pitch to bail themselves out under a new charade.

Why should anyone thing OHSU has any credibility?

I've been wrong before, and I'm sure that I will be wrong again, but nothing that I said was close to being "out of line", which implies that there was something inappropriate about my making the remarks that I did.

As for all of that money that OHSU supposedly misspent, the Oregon Opportunity money, approved in 2001, was intended to be spent (i.e., "run through"), not put in the bank. It was spent to develop facilities and capabilities in many areas of research. The biotech cluster that many are hoping for won't develop out of thin air and won't develop overnight, so why is OHSU evil for striving to create facilities in which it might happen?

Kim, you're the first OHSU professor I've heard from who thinks your employer spends money wisely and in ways consistent with it's core mission...

...which must mean that you've been holed up in your lab and are close to finding the cure. Bravo!

The biotech cluster that many are hoping for won't develop out of thin air and won't develop overnight

Actually, OHSU is already developing it, out of thin air and overnight.

In farookin' Florida.

That is a sick joke.

Is it Kim Naive?

Sorry, but you simply don't know of either the misspending that goes on around there or the delusion and dishonesty behind the biotech research push.

There was extensive data showing a very remote, fat chance reality that OHSU was or is going to develope any research cluster. And on top of that the management went about it all wrong, in venturing into the biotech crap shoot with the most expensive and misdirected approach possible. Trying to trigger a cluster with a Tram to a costly river front urban investment.

They should have strenthened their Hillsboro presense with their primate center, OGI and VGTI. For a fraction of the cost SoWa and the Tram are becoming.

Now their whole system is at risk, VGTI expanded to Florida, SoWa is a fiscal
calamity and OHSU can't fullfill their obligations or generate new revenue.

Much of the $200 million was misspent.

They'll need to creat abiotech lcuster out of thin air becase it aint coming from ANY investment in SoWa.

This latest stunt is merely another ponzie scheme to obtain fresh revenue to channel back to exisitng shortfalls under the mascarade of new expansion.

The first OHSU building in SoWa was not an investment in research at all. Far from it, the building is a lavish and green building for a womens clinic, health club for OHSU doctors and admin offices.

There more but I'm done for now,,,,

Kohler, Katz and other Goldschmidt cronnies weakened OHSU and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

The doctors, nurses and other staff at OHSU should be screaming for management to revert back to stabilizing their core missions before embarking on another misadventure.

Kim, when did one of the core missions of OHSU and all the other Oregon Higher Education entities become "developers"? Lets get back to educating.

When OHSU's own "biotech czar" two years ago stated that biotech had a slim to none chance of succeeding, then quite ("I'm not relevant), how can you continue the myth?

I'm still waiting for the $5 Million that taxpayers spent of the OHSU Health Club, that was to generate biotech jobs, to start spinning even one job. Colin Sears, city's biotech economic development director, stated recently that for every dollar spent in supporting biotech jobs, that the dollar return is over ten to twenty times. If that is true then the $5 Million spent should have produced between $50 to $100 MILLION for the city. Where is it?

It's in Florida.

Empty claims usher out yet another phase of mismanagement and fiscal madness and the Oregonian advises that this is a key to success.

So it sounds like a handful of people made a lined their pockets with taxpayer money despite inept execution and lack of results.

Even if the Biotech incubator succeeded...who benefits?

A handful of administrators and principal researchers (i.e. the revenue generators) brought in by their OHSU cronies would garner handsome (i.e. overpaid) salaries.

The lab workers, office workers, IT staff and so on (i.e. the "cost" centers) get crap wages which don't even keep up with inflation.

I still fail to see how these projects benefit the common person.

Hoffman, NIKE, UO and TVA are engineering the same type of pork barrel trough here in Eugene-but it may be breached. The no bid contract UO(you owe) arena goes to a public hearing to vacate two alleys on JULY 21 at 7:30 pm at Eugene city hall council chamber-777 Pearl street. My research indicates this spiraling boondoggle can be challenged two ways.(that you will not read about in the papers) For $325.00 the alley vacating can be appealed to L.U.B.A. and I have also found that a referendum petition may be used to direct the project to the voters(if the proper number of signatures are gathered). I hope you know someone who may want to testify or otherwise scrutinize this spiraling mess. The Guv is no help-he is the projects biggest cheerleader ever since he got 187,ooo NIKE related dollars in Fall 2006. For more info on this nearly 300 million dollar NIKE/TVA/UO/HOFFMAN political train wreck email mossstreetconspiracy@yahoo.com

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