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Friday, July 25, 2008

Not your average blog

Here's an interesting journal from on the ground in Afghanistan.

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While you are travelling, Jack, you probably don't have cable TV to see ...

... live, at the current time, on C-Span 1, the Impeachment Hearings are starting to draw blood. Explanations in witness testimony are delivering plans for a blitzkieg IMPEACHMENT which could remove Bush and Cheney both from office, even before their August vacation ...

... also at the current time, LIARS Larson and every broadcast media is running away from every mention that IMPEACHMENT is exactly now moving forward in the House ... plus, cable television channels have pulled their advertising today -- "tune in to cable" -- from all hatetalk broadcast air.

... and, conjoined with the topic -- An Above Average Blog' -- over at After Downing Street blog, David Swanson is blogging LIVE from the IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS room.

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