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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not funny, Part 2

Whatever the Chimp's hopped up on these days, it's not helping his humor any.

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It's like SNL--but OMG, it's real life! Somebody please help me with the word for this...


The evolution of the Bush Presidency has been this: We've gone from Will Farrel doing imitations of George Bush to George Bush doing imitations of Will Farrel.

Formerly our village idiot, now a global idiot

Kucinich filed a single Article of Impeachment in the House docket, today, his third Impeachment filing this year. The Article documents deliberate premeditated lying to Congress, to cause war making -- the documentation consists of admission and confession of lies by The Fright House.

Pelosi seems to be 'in on' (sharing) Chimp's sense of humor. She should let the Gold Star Mothers in on the joke.

Nancy Pelosi is shameful. She has let down her party and her constituency. She is a complete sellout to 'her legacy' as the first Woman Speaker of the House, which apparently is more important than principled stands on legislation and a real investigation into the crimes of this adminstration

I was very proud when she was first instituted as Speaker. And never since then. She has rolled over to the neocons time and again. And has proved a Toady to Bush and company.

She needs to resign.

I'm confused: was he talking about the country, or himself?

He should have skipped the saki at lunch.

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