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Sunday, July 13, 2008

New traffic offense: DWG

Driving while gay.

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Bhahahahahahah.... thnx for sharing Jack

I wonder how the cop would test for that one?

Jeez....it certainly wasn't because he couldn't drive a stick....


As for the "test,"
I guess it would be imprudent
to ask the suspect driver
to walk a straight line.


...ora et labora...


I guess he could ask him why he was swishing through traffic. Ba dum dum!

Seriously though, the Italian court corrected a real --and real stupid-- injustice. How many of us would REALLY want our driver's license to be affected by our sex/personal lives? Ya know that little thing you like to do with the wife/hubby in bed sometimes? Well, do it again and you're taking the bus!

Who passed the information to the domestic transportation ministry, and did the defense ministry find him healthy enought to serve?

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