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Saturday, July 26, 2008

McCain discusses his war strategery

Earlier this week, he was nattering on about the situation along "the Iraq-Pakistan border."

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Oh good .. that's not like saying someone's been to all 57 states then. Whew.

"Phil Gramm is taking care of my economic program." Whoops. You guys all hoot about how little substance Obama has, but Grandpappy McCain is starting to look as dopey as W.

That's a pretty thin thread on which to hang one's vote for President. The difference is that Obama's regrettable lack of substance is likely to lead him to make decisions that end up killing hundreds of thousands or millions of Americans. I'll take McCain's or Bush's harmless gaffes any day.

If you think Bush's presidency was just some "harmless gaffes," as opposed to the worst presidency ever, there really is no sense talking to you.

Bush's "harmless gaffes"? This is a regime that has lied and blundered their way to thousands of American and Iraqi deaths. All in the name of what? I wonder if the families of those who died would consider the "gaffes" to be harmless?

"harmless gaffes" is sad enough to be gallows treason.

See also:

ACTION: Call CBS News -- CBS splices McCain interview clip, expunging his false claim on surge timeline and falsely suggesting he gave different answer

... but don't watch CBS News. Watch MediaMatters.ORG watch them.

Another village is missing its idiot.

TLG who's a veteran to boot

John McCain is a second-rate Bob Dole: a man well past his prime who sacrificed for his country and now thinks that he is owed the Presidency. (And also survived a primary campaign against less-than stellar opponents.) One can only hope that once McCain is confirmed as the candidate that the Democrats will take the gloves off and highlight his utter lack of coherence and consistency.

Come on, this was no gaffe. Not only does McCain refuse to consider diplomacy with Iran, he apparently refuses to acknowledge it's existence.

So much for the "straight talk express".
McCain used to be relatively coherent until he ran for the Republican nomination. Makes me wonder if Bush was ever coherent before trying to learn neo-con foreign policy doublespeak for his campaign.

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