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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Is Google Street View a child predator's delight?

Some folks think so.

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For heaven’s sake, those people are over reacting like Chicken Little. Google Street View isn’t in real time. It is really clumsy too. It has some value, for instance Jack uses it to show the latest zero setback box he hates.

Some folks are ridiculous. You can take a drive around town and see kids galore playing in front of and around homes -- right now! Google streetview represents a moment in time most likely months ago, and even at that only rarely are children seen playing. Sheesh.

And in other news: Parents want warnings posted on children's playgrounds warning that dark colored surfaces can become hot and cause burns.

Be safe!

So that's what happened to Drudge after he was taken off the radio./

"'This technology shows anyone in the world our communities, and exposes not only the routes from the bus stops to homes, but our children, without ever stepping foot in our neighborhoods,' said Ms. Rumenap."

If they're close enough to a neighborhood to come snatch a child, they don't need to use street view... they can just drive by to have a look. If they're far enough away that the only way to case out an area is street view, the data won't be current enough to be very helpful locating particular individuals.

These folks don't seem to be thinking this through very well...

soon you will need ID to shop in the childrens section, then cameras will be banned at school plays.

I'll bet these people keep their kids inside in front of the TV so they will die of obesity related illness instead of accidents or the VERY unlikely predator. Abductions by strangers is less likely today than in 1969 when we all ran free, but people are nuts about it.

I think it's just a matter of time before someone uses google street view for ill purposes. With the lethality of domestic violence perpetrators, do really want to give that person additional tools with which to stalk/threaten/harass/assualt a former spouse? too late, but still. Someone will get hurt and sue google.

That I can find someone's street address and know what color their accent paint is in 1 minutes, is a little creepy. Not that I don't do it anyway, but it's not like the info satisfies anything but my "nosy" gene.

How is knowing the color of someone's house more "dangerous" than knowing the address? Get real, people. This is a non-issue.

If we took Ms. Contrarian's advice seriously, we'd not only shut down Google Street View, but also ban the sale of road maps, phone books, digital cameras, and a plethora of other tools that can help domestic violence perpetrators.

Google Street View isn't just good for figuring out the color of the accent paint on someone's house. I find it easier to drive/bike/walk somewhere if I have seen beforehand the major intersections and what my destination looks like.

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