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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Iran is at it again

They are really rattling the saber now. [Via busblog.]

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Maybe the Israelis could just respond with a photoshop armada of F-15's and F-16's?

I wonder if the odds of an air war against Iran is inversely correlated to McCain's poll numbers? For instance, if McCain's numbers drop to 30 percent or less in most every poll, then I should think the probability of an air war increases. Conversely, if some how McCain's numbers float to 45 to 50%, then I should think the probability of war shrinks because it I would think it would be an act of political suicide for the GOP. Well, maybe in the short run, you had better lie and keep those McCain numbers up there.

The Iran vs Irag war was a 10 year stale mate. It took the USA| about 72 Hours to destory Irag's Army. What the hell are we scared about?

The only thing that scares me is $9/gallon gas and $300/barrel oil.

That, and running out of cruise missiles.

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