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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hold your breath

Obama's landed in Afghanistan. Let's hope he doesn't do one of these.

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Can't be worse than McCain's ridiculous dog and pony shows in Baghdad... 'strolling' through the central market, armored up and surrounded by several dozen soldiers. I still laugh at the picture of that lily-white guy, squinting in the sun and generally looking uncomfortable. You'd think he never wore a vest, spent time in the service, or lived in the desert sun of Arizona.

But hey, everything is A-OK because he bought a rug for a good price!

"I will send at least two additional combat brigades to Afghanistan, and use this commitment to seek greater contributions - with fewer restrictions - from NATO allies.

Have you checked out the JibJab campaign clip , "It's time for some campaigning" to the old Dillon song. It had McCain driving in the tank, running over Obama.

It would be about his speed, the guy has NO CLUE - outside of that he will make an even worst president then the man who currently occupies the white house.

Who was in charge of teaching the righties to spell?

The public schools.

McCain argues that Obama needs to visit Iraq and Afghanistan - to meet with the leaders, to get the facts on the ground - before he decides what his policies should be for those regions.

By that logic, mustn't McCain visit Iran - meet with their leaders and get the facts on the ground - before formulating those policies?

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