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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Comcast is reading your blog

You want people to read your blog -- don't you?

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That's not so evil. Creepy, yes. Evil? Nah ... well, at least in as much as P.R. is or isn't evil. All it takes are a few dedicated PR flacks who get paid to Google and respond.

Back in the salad days of the intermets, ol' Kibo (James Parry ... you can find an article on him in Wikipedia if you need a Kiborientation) manually "grepped" the entire Usenet newsfeed for his name. Comcast gots it easy.

Of course, hopefully Comcast's really interested in reforming and not simply cynically interested in just looking like a Big Caring Corporation™.

Now, if y'alls excuse me, I'm going to put Comcast in my blog keywords and write a few posts about it. Because not enough people read my blog.

Isn't that why FISA had support from congress including Obama? Complaining about corporations will soon be felonious.

The stated reason they peruse blogs is to improve customer relations. Is it a shock then to learn they were at the "bottom" in customer satisfaction of 200 companies studied? Call it customer sensitivity, whatever, reality - you post it, it's out there. If it engenders communication so much the better.

Yeah, well, the human touch, a "softened tone," as the article says, when dealing with a person.

Sorry. Me: cynic; Comcast: irreprobate, repeat offender, Enron in sheeples clothing -- no decency in it to save.

BOYCOTT Pay TV, cable or dish. That includes Comnasty. Bankrupt the SOB's, no hesitation, no regret.

Internet Users Stop Comcast, Net Neutrality Win on the Horizon, by Timothy Karr, July 12, 2008

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin is taking action against Comcast for illegally violating Net Neutrality, after a coalition of Net users and activists caught the cable giant blocking open access to the Internet.

Martin’s action — to be voted on by the full FCC in three weeks - would be a major milestone .... The decision follows nearly a year of organizing and action by a growing alliance of bloggers, Internet innovators, consumer groups, organizations from across the political spectrum, and Net activists from all walks of life.

... Free Press filed its complaint against Comcast and asked the agency to levy the largest fine in its history.

Companies like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to lobby Washington to gut Net Neutrality and hand over control of the Internet to them. But they so far have failed to overcome widespread and organized public opposition. Today we can celebrate a huge victory for real people, but we need to continue this fight .... [to be continued]

Datelined July 12, the article says FCC action to fine Comnasty is "3 weeks" away -- the math says that's Aug. 1.

So the 'warm fuzzy' Comnasty fakes it until then. Good luck finding 'human contact' after that. Once a bloodmoney predator, always the rabid hyena.

FCC fines are toothless. Abolish Comnasty completely. Subpoena the principals indictable as Bill of Rights traitors. No quarter, no mercy, no appeal, no remorse.

Congresspersons cashing Comnasty checks, (et tu, Earl?) -- you're next. Millions of souls, innocents: bloodstain the hands raised to vote. That stain don't come out; chop off the hands.

First the blade, then the ear, then the full blade in the ear. Nuremberg anew.

I recently saw something about this same sort of thing on the news, except it was Twitter that was being monitored by different corporations. I guess this is what technology and our younger generations have brought upon us, wanting to be constantly 'connected.' The thing is, I think we're more 'connected' than we ever would dream we are!

I had heard this before so when I couldn't get my Comcast problem solved the traditional way, I blogged it. Two posts later and Comcast contacted me and resolved my problem.

To Comcast, since I know you will be reading this, thanks for the help.

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