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Friday, July 25, 2008

Clue No. 2

We were wailin' with an old treasurer.

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Let's see, a minus tide would be beneficial and an old treasurer could be a treasure. I'd guess Manzanita on the Oregon Coast.

Are you digging for Crabs in Seaside with Lars Larson?

Nye Beach is nice too! And close to this, http://www.tradewindscharters.com/whale.html

Sea captain John Couch was Provisional Treasurer (1846-1847) of the Provisional Government of Oregon prior to creation of the Oregon Territory.

By your ways and means, you can tell the imposter of me, Jack.

Although, it is some degree flattering to think that someone somewhere tries to pre-empt my speech out of fear of the influence and power I wield when it is I, actually in fact, speaking. (One way to spot the imposter comment(s) is when there is a misspelling of LIARS.)

(On topic, I thought the "minus" clue may be about a hyphen in a hyphenated name of the place, yet all I've come up with is Independence-Monmouth or Milton-Freewater .... can we buy a vowel? or the next clue? )

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