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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Breaking news

John Ashcroft doesn't think waterboarding is torture.

I wonder who he thinks the worst U.S. attorney general of our lifetimes is.

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I think Ashcroft is going to have to settle for second place, because "Fredo" Gonzalez has a death grip on first place.

Yeah, poor Ashcroft never had a chance once Gonzo got his mitts on the job.

How quickly one forgets Elian, Waco and Ruby Ridge.

How quickly one forgets the first, fourth and fifth amendments.

Let's not forget Nixon's bagman John Mitchell. Good times.

I think Gonzalez takes it. The warrant-less wiretap program he signed off on was so bad even Ashcroft thought it was illegal!

If we're judging straight on looks, it is a toss-up between Janet Reno and . . . okay, no toss-up.

Did she make mistakes? Yes. Did she cover up the breasts on the statue of Justice? No. Did she opine that torture was o.k.? No. Did she politicize every thing the USDOJ did? No. You're right, there's no tossup there.

It's tough to outdo Alberto Gonzales for sheer incompetence mixed with arrogant defiance.

New definition of being in over one's head.

Not that "Steve" beat me to it.

Please note that all three candidates are Republicans.

On the other hand, Elliot Richardson was also a Republican, but he had the moral integrity to refuse to follow orders and take the sack during the "Saturday Night Massacre".

Of course, that the people of Missouri had turned him out of office as a US Senator, and voted for a dead man in his stead, rather indicates that there was full, clear warning that he should never have held the job at all.

At least Gonzales didn't have himself "anointed" with vegetable oil.....Did he?

Jack, don't forget that Ashcroft is also kosher with Big Brother tapping our phones reading our emails!

Mitchell, Meese, Ashcroft, Gonzales. Gee, I wonder what they have in common?

I think Janet Reno was pretty bad.

If they had arrested Mr. Branch Davidian on his way to the ice cream shoppe, there would have been no loss of life at Waco.

That might have prevented the OKC bombing, and certainly would have gone a long ways towards enhancing the FBI's image in rightie-tightie circles.

So far as I can tell, my civil liberties have not been eroded nearly as much as the terrorist wannabees, and Brandon Mayfield certainly was made whole.


Respectfully, you are quite off base here in your Ashcroft bashing - Reno defending. It wasn't Ashcroft's decision to cover up breasts (and that is a trivial non-issue anyway), and do you really think that Janet Reno thought prisoners were going to receive more humane interrogations than waterboarding in Egypt when she pioneered our rendition program?

Waterboarding is humane compared to what happened to prisoners we shipped overseas to be interrogated in ways not permitted over here during the prior 'regime'.

As far as you can tell, Mister Tee? That's the problem: the Bush administration is willing to secretly detain people and wiretap people without clearing it with any court. We have no idea how much they are violating our civil liberties.

I agree, though, that the Branch Davidian incident was very poorly handled.

One thing we always forget- the most water boarding that has ever been done has been done to American soldiers!

Gollllll-ly, shaZAM, Barney. Eenie, meany, minie, mo', fascist-est is hard to know.

All of 'em are listed near the top of their class: Official Fascist Watch List

Official Fascist Watch List to be updated daily.

How do I get on a Fascist Watch List?
You aide a criminal in the Congress, Bush Administration, or work in the Department of Homeland Security.

How do I get off the Fascist Watch List?
If you would like to get off this list you can come before the American People and denounce your loyalty to Fascism and resign from your position.

Is the Fascist Watch List Secret?
No, the reason there is a Fascist Watch List is so people know you are a Fascist.

Attorney General
Michael Mukasey
Alberto Gonzales
John Ashcroft

I guess you folks dis-remember Waco? or that poor cuban kid Elian Gonzoles? WTF? are you thinking about?

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