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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A reprieve for Peterson's?

According to the kids at the Merc, Portland commish Dan "Big Pipe" Saltzman is doing some "due diligence" before letting stand the impending eviction of Peterson's convenience store from the SmartPark garage across from the Galleria. He'd better be both diligent and quick, because the place is slated to be boarded up just over two weeks from now.

An interesting wrinkle in the story is the back-and-forth between the Merc and city spokesperson Mary Volm, the gal who was allegedly whacked off her motor scooter earlier this month after thumping some guy's limo in a road rage incident.

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So, the Portland Business Alliance is trying to run people out of business? Hmmm.

So it's really the Portland Businesses-
We-Like Alliance. "We'll get back to you on your application for membership."

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