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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You could fill up Wapato with these guys

My neighbor would definitely have a cell.

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You can actually file an online complaint for unmowed lawn with the City of Portland. I've done it for the absentee property owner/landlord down the block from me who lets his duplex "lawn" get 2 ft. high (literally) until it starts to be a refuse dump for our local transients. The city sends someone out there, they notify the property owner, etc. Don't know what the penalties are for repeat offense, however.

Anyone but me remember the ancient comic strip "Moose Miller"?
The classic line for any lost item was, "oh no it's in Moose Miller's yard. We'll never find it now".
Poor Moose, he'd be in jail now.

It must be nice too have such a low crime rate to make not cutting your grass look like a crime.

Is there anyway we could give them one of the Max Lines?


how about just getting rid of all the lawns....think of all the water and fossil fuel we'd not use......~:-)

Good lord, now jail for not mowing your lawn? Why exactly is this a law?
I have seen Neighborhood Nazis levee fines for that, but never a city.
What the hell is the point in even owning your own place any more? Maybe I like long grass. Maybe I dont want grass at all.
I think when I am finally able to get my own place, I want a moat. Let the neighbors find out on their own if there are alligators in it or not.

getting rid of the lawns is definitely a good idea. Calling CoP about overgrown lots and yards also works quite well. you can do it on-line or by phone.

How about jail time for yellow lawns?

Why is getting rid of lawns a good idea? You dont want one, fine, go live in the condo jungle. But leave everyone else alone.

Actually it is quite common in the US for violations of municipal laws to be low level misdemeanors. Not that anyone ever really sees jail time. What makes Portland different is that most large American cities have a Municipal Court. Portland does not. And just imagine trying to get the DA's office to prosecute here.

By the way the typical person to get prosecuted is the proverbial slum landlord who owns an apartment complex that is never maintained.

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