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Friday, June 13, 2008


Tim Russert of Meet the Press just keeled over dead.

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Horrible. He was a great one.

My brother just informed me my commentary on Russert was "too soon", so I shall refrain.

I'm with Sullivan though, if you're the praying sort, send one up for Big Russ. It SUCKS to outlive your kids.

Sundays won't be the same. In my humble opinion, as an interviewer he was peerless.

Tim Russert: I knew him well.
Then he died. How sad.

I am still in total shock over this. Talk about a news icon. And his wife, Maureen Orth, is an outstanding person. I feel like my television just went dark.

If the media people who honor and exalt him would put that same effort into copying him we'd probably have a better culture.

How sad says it all.

Tim Russert, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

While in law school [1974-76], an official from his alma mater, John Carroll University, called Russert to ask if he could book some concerts for the school as he had done while a student. He agreed .... One concert that Russert booked was headlined by a then-unknown singer, Bruce Springsteen, who charged $2,500 for the concert appearance. Russert told this story to Jay Leno when he was a guest on the The Tonight Show on NBC on June 6, 2006.

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