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Monday, June 2, 2008

World overlords retreat to their hidey-holes

It appears that the "New American Century" lasted only eight years. Even when they got their "next Pearl Harbor" and a blank check to fight back, it's a funny thing, but that "full spectrum dominance" never happened.

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Much of what PNAC tried to implement is seen as a political liability since the Middle East hasn't exactly turned out the way they planned. By disbanding the organization now, the same cast of characters can distance themselves from their failures and be free to introduce a "new and improved" brand of world economic theory at Bilderberg later this week.

That whole Wikipedia article was interesting and plausible right up to the section that suggests the Florida election was rigged to allow Bush to win. I'm not saying that Gore was tripped up by questionable rules and differing definitions of a "chad," but to claim that it was all orchestrated by Jeb Bush and his Secretary of State gives them a bit too much credit.

"...that 'full spectrum dominance' never happened."

No, but they did achieve "full spectrum dumbinance."

Sucking up every bit of our private actions and communications via email, phone, internet, mail, text and finance is a big step toward 'full spectrum dominance' here in The Homeland.

Wow. What a whitewash, on Wikipedia. Meaning: invented after-the-fact, a revised version of history, not what actually happened.

What I learned in my reading, (which is regularly extensive), is a timeline more like this (and more logical): The single predicate was the USSR and its imputed "spread of communism" as to reason, contrary-wise, for the rah-rah US military madness, 1946-1989 -- the so-called 'Cold War.' All phony posing. [Aldrich Ames, the big (#3 at CIA) 'turncoat agent' convicted of trading 'secret-y secret stuff' with the USSR for 20 years or such a matter, when asked (on his way to incommunicado isolation) why he did it, said, "it's all a game" -- 'it' being the Cold War; there was never any 'threat' or 'danger' at stake, except as was made-up. And the purpose of inventing an enemy is simply that without an 'enemy' there is no reason for the Pentagon and billions upon billions of bucks to go where bucks go when there is an invented 'enemy'.]

So, the USSR announced it quit playing 'the game,' in '89 or '90, and that knocked the props out from under the entire Potemkin Pentagon pretenses, and made stutter-stammer GHWBush worthless. Remember?, his first reaction to the USSR announcement was, "there'll be a Peace Dividend." Meaning: we the people taxpayers got money coming back for not having to fund the Pentagon anymore.

'They' grabbed Herbert so fast and shut him up; the 'Peace Dividend' was never spoken nor spoken of again. So, then he comes out with that 'New World Order' thing, as the 'sole, lone, one remaining, last standing SuperPower' could devise upon the world. Which (N.W.O.) he (and 'they') expected to spell out during his second term, 1992-96. Except, Clinton beat Herbert.

And that's when Herbert and 'they' went psycho bad. There was just fried-brain freako there then, more than is ever imagined by anyone who wasn't in close to it or wasn't aware of what the power shifts were, then. That data, those events, (1992-3), and what little of it was known at the time, so soon later being all forgotten, (like, no one even remembers 'Peace Dividend,' who said it, what happened when it was said), is much of the basis for my dismissive put-down of voices not knowing to talk about it or talking uninformed about it.

Hard-bit Herbert went ballistic, starting plotting revenge in 1993. That's when he selected 'terrorists' as the next 'enemy' to make up, that's when he started assembling the names of the PNAC and convening their meetings, (the first outline draft of 'Rebuilding America's Defenses' was dated 1994, which Herbert had composed and dictated to the PNAC to write), and that's when Herbert started putting the pieces in place for his plan to knock down (blow up) the Twin Towers, (which he had conceived as early as 1983, according to one document I've seen, attested in a firsthand account -- Army Special Forces stationed in Germany then were detailed to 'war game' a scenario for destroying the Twin Towers, read: write the 'How To' Manual; 'detailed' out of The White House, and that would be Herbert then, in '83), (in '94 Herbert puts Dumbo in as Gov of Texas, preparatory to Prez in 2000 -- folks who don't think in 10-year terms of such 'chess move' power plays, that is, folks who don't manipulate presidential-type power, simply do not see such planning executed, in deliberate painstakingly slo-o-ow motion, right in front of their eyes in broad daylight), and that ('93-94) is when Herbert pegged it 'all' as a "new Pearl Harbor," in recapitulation and imitation of the original, as had been the moment during his senior year in high school which set his life course. (Compare with some life stories -- they'll tell you -- of 18-year-olds in 1964, on 'news' of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, and from it and because of it, their lives went one way instead of another way.)

So I read the Wikipedia whitewash about the PNAC 'magically appearing' in 1998, and I say, by what I know, simply that that is bee-ewe-el-el-ess-aitch-IT.

Secondly, about 'full spectrum dominance.' As I see it, you're missing it, Jack. It is fait accompli, not "never happened." It's already a done deal.

"Sucking up every bit of our private actions and communications via email, phone, internet, mail, text and finance is a big step" ... yeah, that's a lot of it. Think bigger.

For starters, what 'full spectrum' is. That'd be everything from about 10 Hz to somewhere above 20 GHz. Oh, sheesh, call it 100 GHz. Any 'traffic' in that range gets 'controlled'. As for what that means, and what it means to you, the shortest I can think to say it is, simply, that spectrum includes your pulse and respiration rate.

Believe me, you don't have any say in that matter -- your pulse and respiration -- any longer. Except, maybe, as you could get your Congressperson to just say 'No more (Pentagon) funding.' Then, maybe, you might get your life back. There's a chance. Maybe.

Like, here's one most folks are unlikely to be tracking. Weather Warfare: Beware the US military’s experiments with climatic warfare, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, December 7, 2007

Clueless? Hint: 'Full spectrum' includes "High Frequency."

Practically speaking, the necessary 'reading' on the subject (SuperPower 'dominance') is not that 'extensive' ... with fine-tuned selectivity of what to read. Manufactured Reality: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back, by Peter Chamberlin,
Global Research
, May 31, 2008

Sometimes, medication fails.

It seems a fair shake if I am allowed and left to drivel disputatious yet undisruptive, as long as I constrain it all in a deserted corner of an unused Post without a Thread that anyone is tied to ... or reads.

However, Jack sees all -- I depend on it. And, JB, good Spirit, this one's for you. Chris Hedges -- you gotta love him for his unrequited theological 'balm in Gilead' respite, while clearly seeing in his worldview and describing 'apocalypse now and forever' ... anyway ... however ... ya' gotta believe ... God will abide.

Best of all, though, Hedges writes gooder 'n good. Well, the Pulitzer peeps said so, at least.

Seriously, Jack, in this commencement address by Hedges, (going where Dumbo was banished), is compiled and well-stated the Big Picture ('full spectrum') fact of life; and Ihope Ihope Ihope can scratch the scales from your eyes, and knock you off balance on the mugwump fence of Undecided and down into fray froth, to see and begin recognizing around you, and us, the 'dominance' done and a done deal -- and which is the motivating CAUSE, in Nationalism, pushing and pulling apart every locality and the luster-losing city you know crumbling into ruin all around you, and that when you realize as much, then you cease useless charges at the local level to blame harm and repair damage at the local level where it wasn't made, so that your efforts can be redirected at the true source CAUSE which must be blamed, and repaired. With every ounce of effort we can muster. And we need your help, in the fray, not fence-sitting above it.

Please, godly wordwise Hedges, speak to Jack wise wisdom.

(Although, for all the goodness in his address, he leaves off and stops short of saying the conclusion we are all brought perforce to. End Nationalism. Live locally, as, like living in 'the present,' that's the only place life can be lived. End Nationalism, and deliver global, planetary politics. Meaning, to US: dissolve USA 'nation' into multiple local 'districts' (watersheds, such as 48(?) 'Oregons'; USSR precedent), each with a seat and representation in the UN or whatever is the new name for the World Body Politick. ... the Civil War 'South' was right, 'federal' is fascist.)

The Corporate State and the Subversion of Democracy, by Chris Hedges, Posted on May 31, 2008.

I used to live in a country called America.
The country I live in today uses the same words to describe itself, the same patriotic symbols and iconography, the same national myths, but only the shell remains.
The “consent of the governed” has become an empty phrase.
Sen. Frank Church ... wrote: "That
['full spectrum dominance'] capability at any time could be turned around on the American people .... There would be no place to hide. If this government ever became a tyranny, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back ...."
We are fed lie after lie to mask the destruction ... in our lives.
So what do we do?
We must lobby, organize and advocate for the dissolution of
We have blundered into 'nations' we know little about. ... We are trying to transplant a modern system of politics invented in Europe characterized, among other things, by
the division of earth into independent secular states based on 'national' citizenship ....
Hope, St. Augustine wrote, has two beautiful daughters. They are anger and courage. Anger at the way things are and the courage to see they do not remain the way they are. We stand at the verge of a massive economic dislocation, one forcing millions of families from their homes and into severe financial distress, one that threatens to rend the fabric of our society. We are waging a war that devours lives and capital, and that cannot ultimately be won. We are told we need to give up our rights to be safe, to be protected. In short, we are made afraid. ... A state of fear only engenders cruelty; cruelty, fear, insanity, and then paralysis. In the center of Dante’s circle the damned remained motionless.

See the 'insanity' in Comment voices repeating LIARS lies and crazed incoherent politics, typed against my voice.

See the 'paralysis' perched 'motionless' and Undecided -- "It appears that ... 'full spectrum dominance' never happened." -- sitting in unapplied balance, uninformed and uninforming, on the mugwump fence of Dante's circle.

I think it's a little too early to use the word 'never'.

And I disagree with Tenskwatawa's characterization that "full spectrum dominance" is a 'fait accompli'; again, too early.

At the risk of sounding like chicken little, I'm trying not to confuse the calm before the storm with the end of it.

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