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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who's really to blame for the federal deficit

Jodie Foster.

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Reganomics had to be sold, because it couldn't be rationally justified. I just feel sorry for the naive, innocent President that had to take a bullet for his wealthy lobbyists. I thought he was a character actor, not a stuntman.

Blame for economic policy does not fall on mentally ill people, nor the cast of an entertainment feature.

On that same logic, I blame Hunter S. Thompson for the last eight years. If he'd taken the drunken fratboy he'd found passed out in a Houston apartment bathroom back in the very early Eighties and just shoved his head a little further into the tub or into the toilet, Thompson's coke dealer would have been short one major customer, a Maine family with delusions of making a political dynasty would have pinned their hopes on their sons Jeb, Neil, and Zeppo, and nearly 5000 US soldiers and God-only-knows-how-many Iraqis would still be alive.

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