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Monday, June 23, 2008

The City of Portland loves me!

At least, they linked to my writeup of Sunday Parkways in the sidebar of the official event web page.

I believe that's a first for this blog. Maybe they'll start linking to more of my city transportation stories. D'ya think?

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It's one thing if the COP recognizes your posts. It would be quite another if the O would amplify more of your stories. Keep it up...we needs ya.

The O is paying attention -- we had 11 visitors from there today alone -- but the folks at the top are never going to abandon their curious stances toward government. What happens in the University Club stays in the University Club.

Then why not, Jack...become a real PITA and copy each of them...Fred, Sandy, Peter, Michael, Theresa, Bruce and Caldwell with your posts every day? Get in their face....more than you already are.

IMO, much of Portland O readers have no idea what's not being written by the newspaper of record.

just sayin'.....

Whatever. My take is you're getting traffic for agreeing with vaguely-transportation-policy rather than disagreeing with it. It's a "snowball in Greenland" over a "snowball in hell". Though nice to know you enjoyed Sunday's event. :)

Don't overestimate the traffic impact.

I ran out of fingers counting all the bicyclists and pedestrians in the Big O front page picture.

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