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Monday, June 16, 2008

The best there is

It's easy for the casual spectator to take him for granted, but this guy is nothing short of amazing.

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There ever was. Or ever will be.

But then here's my take on golf:

Sports Writing
Football is the hard-hitting Novel
Sold at the newsstand
Rough language, brutal syntax

While Basketball is the elegant Thriller.

Running is the Essay.
Enduring. Ennobling. A path toward
And perhaps an articulation of enlightenment.

Tennis, then: A vigorous Correspondence
Exchanged with love and misses
On chalk-bordered stationery.

Baseball, too dependent upon plot to be poetry,
Yet satisfying with structured grace,
And fertile sweep of metaphor,
Is a luxurious Short Story
Written by an unhurried master.

Soccer is the Classic not fully realized in translation.

Hockey, the Tabloid.

It is Golf
Of pastoral themes and practiced nuance
Of unrelenting craft
Daring to measure itself against the perfect
That is Poetry.

Or is Golf only Academic Criticism (of the highest order?)

Woods'weekend finishes were just plain stupid. Stupid that it can't be that he did what he did.

Amazing? Of course, but more and it's without explanation.

He has taken "clutch" to a new super human level.

I was up off the couch cheering when he pulled that putt off. The man is a god of the grass.
With that, I think I will give up the sport. There is just no hope for some of us out there swinging a club. (sigh)

how does he do it time and time again? Is it his physical abilities? mental drive? with out doubt, he is the greatest ever.

Jack William Nicklaus (born January 21, 1940), also known as "The Golden Bear",[1] is widely regarded as the greatest professional golfer of all time, in large part because of his records in major championships.[2] Nicklaus accumulated a record 18 professional majors in a PGA Tour career lasting 25 years, from 1962 to 1986. Later, on the Champions Tour, the senior version of the PGA Tour, he won 8 of that tour's majors between 1990 and 1996. Both records still stand today.

Tiger just did it again. Pulled off a clutch putt on the 18th in the playoff. Now they go to sudden death. Amazing.

As long as we are talking about golf greats, I have some instructional videos done by Bobby Jones in the 1930's. What a sweet swing that man had. Knocking a persimmon headed "spoon" 250 yards off the fairway. Considering the equipment and the courses of the day, he's my all time favorite.

This is impressive as hell, even if the sore knee seems to come and go like Paul Pierce's.

I have to question the competitive instincts of the rest of the pro tour, though. When Tiger pulls out the red shirts, instead of playing golf they play dead.

No question what would happen on the 19th hole.

Rocco just gave Tiger a run for his money. What a game!

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