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Monday, June 23, 2008


Let me start this post with the obvious: I am not hip. Once I might have been a hap'nin' guy, but now I'm just a creaky old fool muttering into his beard. There are many things about this modern world that I don't understand, and I suppose I'm getting less and less capable of figuring them out on my own.

That said, maybe you readers can help me. Yesterday as we rode the bus to the no-car thingie, there boarded the bus a young woman, apparently in her 20s, who was dressed in a mostly white, flowing, full-length outfit befitting a china doll. Her face had the same look -- all made up completely white, with her features... well, dolled up.

The four of us sat there agog, and although she acknowledged that she was dressed a little differently from the rest of us, the conversation never turned to exactly why that was. She was not attending the same event as we were -- maybe this was just her everyday look -- or maybe her regular Sunday look?

It was beautiful but... you know, different.

Anybody out there have an idea of what might have been going on?

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Jack, it could have been the same woman down on the waterfront, just sitting on a bench, around 7:00 pm. This all-in-white young lady was also wearing long white gloves. Yes, she did look out of place, but in downtown Portland, a lot of things look a little out of place. It's been a long time since I've worn long white gloves to a walk in the park.

She was potentially a participant in Cosplay, or "Costume Play." It has strong roots in Japan, and a myriad of manifestations: Video game characters, Manga characters, Animals, etc.

My guess would be that she's into cosplay or that she's one of those street performers that stand around in public places ala Mr. Statue. Or maybe she's a wannabe Harajuku girl.

I believe that she is the same street performer that I saw at Saturday Market this weekend.

Perhaps she was the virgin Connie Swayle?

I think she was going to the Chinook Winds World Rib Eating Championship.

If it's this person, then according to Rozanne (author of that blog) she's a street perform of the "human statue" variety.

Nice find. Yep, that is she.

Doll face is creepy.

pan handler with a gimmick

zombie ride with Pedalpalooza or other costumed events with pedalpalooza - there were many all weekend

Maybe she was on her way to meet Sheriff Bernie for an out of town drive.

What's so out of place about her?

She's The Banshee, or Harbinger of Death, as foretold in Irish folk lore. Be afraid, be very afraid.....

I know what you mean about getting "geezerish". I spend more time talking about the old days. I spend more time shaking my head at young people. I tell the same stories over and over again.

Start a blog. Then rather than just tell the story over again, you can look it up and link to it.

Reminds me of a joke. This group of people was stranded on a desert island for a long time...

Another picture of her from Last Thursday..

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