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Friday, June 13, 2008

So you wanna be the City of Portland's repo man?

We've been following the City of Portland's request for proposals for a new municipal collection agency. It's had some interesting twists and turns. Yesterday, the city published yet another addendum to the call for bids, with some more questions and answers:

3.1 Q: The RFP and the State regulation are clear in the fact that a collection fee CAN be added. However, in the case of a partial payment, who gets paid first? Collection Agency or State?
A: As the State allows for the addition of a reasonable fee to the amount of the debt, it is up to the Proposer to indicate how it is determined.

3.2 Q: With regards to section 3 of the RFP request, please provide more detail with reference to the term "cost control". Is the City of Portland interested in the average cost to collect a debt? Total operating costs derived from financial statements?
A: In this section the City desires to gain assurance that the Proposer is able to provide a quality service within a reasonable cost which will allow the Proposer to provide the service on a sustainable ongoing basis.

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Maybe they can hire the negative Italian-American stereotypes played by the kids in those anti-union TV commercials someone is shelling out big bucks for lately.

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