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Monday, June 2, 2008

So they can call all y'all

The City of Portland announced last week that it's going to buy a mess of emergency notification equipment without bid from an outfit known as FirstCall. I believe they mean this Louisiana company, whose somewhat Spartan web site is here. Anyway, there's no sign whatsoever in the city's notice of how much the gear is going to cost.

UPDATE, 10:52 a.m.: Wow, that was quick. We just got another breathless e-mail informing us that the "posting" of the no-bid contract has been cancelled. I don't think that means they're not buying the stuff, but rather that they discovered that they didn't have to tell anybody about it. "The estimated amount for this one year contract," the city now says, "shall not exceed $50,000.00."

This calls even more attention to the deal, of course. What is going on -- anyone?

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Ummmm, Jack? This doesn't sound good any way you look at it. Considering that this was a no-bid contract, either someone in City Hall has a frat brother working at FirstCall who desperately needs a big sale to keep his job, or someone's getting a huge kickback to take on all of that stuff. Either that, or someone knows something about Mount Hood's impending eruption that they aren't sharing with the rest of Portland. Either way, a couple of people are going to get rich off this, and the rest of you are going to squeal like a pig.

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