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Friday, June 27, 2008

Sam Adams: Bankrupt but looking good

And that's his program for Portland. To him the most important feature of the new I-5 bridge is that it look cool. And "a Glenn Jackson Bridge" just isn't cool enough, apparently. Anyway, the latest unintentional joke is here.

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The tram's cost overrun was mostly due to the fact that it had to look "cool" too.

As the cost of steel escalated, cooler heads pointed out that a girder style support system would work just fine and use about one-fifth the amount of steel.

My understanding is the architect dug in her heels and refused to consider any changes. Same with the design committee.

Long live cool!

Great, now Adams has caught Randy's ego-trippin' disease. Why can't he focus on something less harmfull - like a god complex?

I am curious how much of the $4.2B estimate thrown around is for aesthetic purposes versus functionality. This is the Columbia River, not the Golden Gate. Never has been, never will be. Or am I the only resident who doesn't share his "vision?"

Note to Sam: One way to make friends with our cousins to the north is to NOT try to shut down their heritage airfield.

always a pleasure to see Adams' smart-ass, know-it-all style in action in meetings of grownups.

i'm genuinely amazed that this is what passes for wise leadership.

and I didn't vote for Dozono, but "I'm not a 'wonk', I can hire all the wonks I need" almost convinced me.

I always thought that a tunnel under the Columbia was the best option.
No constraints on river traffic.
No constraints on air traffic.
No impediments to a view of the Columbia.
And nothing speaks to a Portland visionary like a deep dark hole... a financial one that is.

They've been bitchin' about the East Bay span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge since a section of it fell into the bay during the '90 quake, because it didn't look cool enough for Jerry Brown. That is an old, iron, cantilever design, too. The only difference is that about 40 people died an aweful death. Such a loss of life could occur in Oakland again, all because of 18 years of trying to look cool.

By the way... I thought the single tower suspension design first proposed was cool.

Mr Adams is worried about a aesthetically pleasing gateway to the state of Oregon? Two of the first things you see when you cross the Columbia River are the abandoned Red Lion Hotel on the west side(eyesore!) and Hooters on the east. Nothing says, "Welcome to our state!" like Hooters.

I'd rather have an ugly high capacity bridge, and we can spend the money we save on replacing the Sellwood.

What exactly is Sam's problem with the Glenn Jackson bridge? I have clients on both sides of the river, and cross it at least weekly during rush hour. While it is subject to the ebb and flow of traffic, it NEVER jams up, and has the capacity to keep the freeway flowing at the same level it does on either side of the bridge.

The fact that it doesn't have light rail, gilded spans, or magic carpet rentals doesn't take away from the fact that it works. And I thought that was what Portland was all about...

Tunnel! Brilliant! We already own the tunnelling equipment - now busy drilling to sewer tunnel under the Willamette east bank. Once the sewer tunnel is completed, just keep heading north!

Put MAX in a tunnel under the Columbia where crime can prosper.

I truly hope the reason and good leadership in the 'Couv don't go down the "oh-look-a-shiny-object" route that the Portland City Council does.

I hope the bridge looks good...I don't care if it looks cool and I look at it from my house every day. I actually enjoy driving over the Glen Jackson Bridge although don't do it much.

I hope that the bridge is financed right up front and that we'll know what we are getting into day one (with a big contingency added in for overruns...which will happen).

I hope light rail is required to be on the bridge.

And, I hope Portland City Commissioners stay out of Vancouver's business. Yes, I know the bridge spans both cities/states, but I don't trust Portland to make wise decisions.

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