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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mystery in Albina

Perhaps you can help with this situation.

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My goodness...whoever found this "cat" must not be very bright! Hope the household is up on their rabies shots!


looks like something my cat would eat as a snack.

That's what we used to call, "A 4H Production." As in, "Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.'

that look's like a possum and this could be some sort of racists silliness, for please
don't forget that it wasn't too many years ago that some of the dullards at the PoPo
did some of their racists nastiness to one of their own using possums. This smells to me like we may have a PoPo-repeater here!

Please check this out and further look into what, who, and why is behind this. Thanks!

poor old possum. I think it's a 4H project also.

racist silliness

is your head on straight?

Were's Pogo?

I apparently have some time on my hands. I plugged some search terms into google and found posters exactly like these in cities across the planet. The phone number on this particular poster is for beadwife.com.

I personally love it. Gave me just the chuckle I needed!

The posters are part of a global project called "Postergasm", designed to make people laugh, or think, or just wonder... I kind of like the idea of preserving the mystery, but since some people were quick to assume a malign motivation (racism? Are you serious?) I figured I'd shed some light on it. Have a great day; live, laugh, love!

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