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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More on the bum's rush at Peterson's

We blogged a couple of weeks ago about the raw deal that Peterson's convenience store is getting from the City of Portland. Channel 6 News was out there last night, and now there's a "Save Peterson's" website getting up and running.

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This poor guy is getting blamed for the social problems downtown that he also is a victim of. Imagine how often he gets shoplifted. How many bums he has to kick out of his store. How much urine he has to hose down!

To blame this guy and his store is so wacky! He can shut down, and the people causing the issues will remain. Had he tried to kick these people out of his doorway, the city would have come down on him.

Poor guy. We should support him.

Portland is.....well, it's still the rated G hour so I shall let you fill in the blank.

Jack, I suppose you also know the connection of the Sho Dozono Bush Garden issue that developed during the mayor's campaign with Petersen's-both are in the CoP's poorly managed parking garage. Bush Garden is just around the corner from Petersen's. They both share the urine smell and all. Then Bush Garden has the added construction of a thirty story building across the street, losing all the on-street parking and only one lane of restricted traffic pushed right up to the front door.

The city with it's construction frenzy many times forgets the existing businesses then compounds it with being a poor landlord.

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