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Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Countrywide sleaze

It wasn't just the creepy fellow who just got kicked out of the Obama campaign. Lots of other government honchos took bribes from the crooked mortgage company. Ain't that America.

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About three years ago, my phone was ringing nearly nonstop every six months from technical recruiters looking for tech writers and application developers at CountryWide's offices in Richardson, Texas. No move package, no driving reimbursement, and "six-month contract with an option to hire full-time in a year". One of the reasons why I found this report so funny is that the recruiters stressed that any applicant would have to pass a credit check and a background check to see if said applicant had ever committed real estate fraud.

The other reason is that I haven't heard from those recruiters in the last year: when I'd turn them down over the lousy pay or the fact that Countrywide was constantly hiring tech writers, which suggested that the company worked them to death, I'd get rude and once even abusive responses to my turning down "the position of a lifetime." Yeah, sure, bucky, but at least I'm still gainfully employed. After your tech recruiting firm went under when CountryWide stopped hiring, were you able to pay your mortgage solely from offering blow jobs to truckers, or do you have to supplement your income by ripping off highway guardrails for the metal?

So much for the Dems "culture of corruption" meme...

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