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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Looking the part

If you didn't already know who he was, what would you say this guy did for a living?

I'd say maybe he just got off work as a manager at Les Schwab.

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Either that, or he was auditioning for the title role in "Gomer Pyle: The Motion Picture".

He'd get fired for having hair that long at Les Schwab.

Looks like he's been on 100 offramps collecting change. By the way, I met Mr. Novick in downtown today. Damm fine man!

The sad part is taht the was the best photo they could find.

Not sad -- it's definitely calculated. But who is this guy supposed to be?

An alert reader notes the following equation:

+ =

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Unions. Proud Member of IBEW 48

Intake man at a car dealership service bay.

I'm going to guess mayhaps Sears catalog model, Fall 1983?

Thanks for the memories, Jack.


I was thinking lumberjack.

Does Merkley have a medical marijuana card??

It's Chigurh pretending to be a weatherman. Seriously, he knows which room you're in.

I like your worker at Les Schwab Tires.

I figure that as a Liberal Politician, he was advised by a urban image consultant to pick either a denim shirt, or a plaid shirt.

Of course, Jeff being who he is, couldn't make up his mind, so he chose both.

Geez, how original. blank, blank for change. I think he might make a better Multnomah County sheriff than senator. The electorate should be allowed to match names to open positions. I wonder if it would make much difference. How about a pilot election to find out?

His other brothers Daryl and Daryl called. They want their shirts back.

Right after the election, he was on Firedoglake taking questions. One of those he didn't have time to answer (sure) was what he did at DOD and who he worked for there. Inquiring minds want to know.

OMB to CEO of Habitat for Humanity? In addition to match the candidate to the open positions, I want to give them the job, but send them back for more experience first. Les Schwab's is a great idea for him. Lets' assign him 24 months duty at the Columbia Blvd Schwabbie's and then call him back. What do you think?

Ya'll do realize that there are some folks out there, that, like, totally work at les schwab, right?

Sure. And I bet every one of them will tell you that the experience is pretty special. It's not a slam. The point is, he's not running for field crew foreman at a landscape nursery, why is he dressed up like one?

...the guy who does the Handyman segment on the local weekend gardening show


...the guy Captain Kangaroo calls to fill in for Mr. Green Jeans when that old duffer is out with the Monday morning flu ... again!

Because not everyone in the state lives in Portland.

A Smithkiller.

Crew member of a king crab fishing boat featured in a Discovery Channel promo.

Or maybe he's too clean cut to be a crab fisherman.

[i]Does Merkley have a medical marijuana card??[/i]

I thought the same thing. Do you think it's a coincidence that Jack posted this at 4:20? Yeah, me too.

I can just hear the television ad: "And now for the politician's secret weapon: duct tape!"

I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it.

Holy crap! My browser cut "the fold" of this story right at the bottom of the picture, so initially I didn't see the text Jack has underneath it. Pondering the question, I thought to myself, "What it really looks like is a Les Schwab ad." Something about the font and the color scheme, although Schwab is yellow and black.

Imagine the surprise when I scrolled down and found out I won the contest!

Something about the font and the color scheme, although Schwab is yellow and black.

Maybe he "stole" the Les Schwab font...

jud, Are you actually arguing that voters outside of Portland want a senator who looks like he's got a medical marajootie card?

kinda goofey grin to boot.

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