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Thursday, June 12, 2008

It wasn't something I said

Yesterday I blogged about the fact that when I tried to navigate to a Portland Development Commission web page, I was abruptly informed that I had been unsubscribed from the agency's "PDC-All" mailing list. I wondered how that could have happened.

My being from New Jersey, and having grown up in the '60s, paranoia set in. Had my criticisms of "urban renewal" earned such enmity within the PDC that they cut me off?

Later in the day, I received a friendly e-mail from the PDC staffer in charge of its web pages. She pointed out that what probably happened was that I clicked the wrong link in an e-mail alert from the PDC and inadvertently unsubscribed myself. Looking back at the e-mail message that I clicked when the startling message appeared, I see that that is the most logical explanataion for what happened:

And so, fear not! The PDC is not working behind the scenes to silence this critic.

If Steve Law over at the Trib starts having problems with his PDC subscription, though, I'll start to worry again.

Comments (2)

Is it too late to retract the F.U. letter to the PDC that I popped in the mail yesterday?

Don't worry. I'm sure they get a lot of those.

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