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Thursday, June 26, 2008

It depends on what the meaning of the word "first" is

Former Democratic Rep. Elizabeth Furse acknowledged she misspoke when she praised the Republican senator in a TV ad for his campaign.

Furse said she was wrong when she claimed in the commercial that Smith was "one of the first to stand up to George Bush and other Republicans to end this war" in Iraq. She said she should have stated that Smith -- who supported the war for its first 3½ years -- was one of the first Republicans to speak out against it.

"I know that he wasn't the first to oppose the war," said Furse. "He was one of the first of his party to oppose the war . . . That is what I meant."

What a load. Give it up, Ms. Furse. Your conduct is deplorable. What you need to say is, "My career is over, but I still wanted attention. I'm sorry."

And your partner in crime: "That took guts." Please -- so does lying.

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So, is she still "vooting" for him?

what in the world possessed these two women to prostitute themselves like this...for such a Republican toady no less! I just don't get it!!!!!!

"what in the world possessed these two women to prostitute themselves like this"

In Furse's case I believe it is the Federal money that Smith helped secure for one of her pet projects.

It seems Furse is only liberal and anti-war when it doesn't affect her pet programs' pocket books.

She's a sellout and a disgrace.

And to think I helped her move her goats once.

Jack, Jack, Jack. Surely you know Furse's "partner in crime" is your very own state Senator Avel Gorldy, D(no I, no D)-NE Portland.

My foundational dispute with these women supporting Smith is that they seem to be ignoring that he carries a vote when it comes to confirming Supreme Court nominees.

That, if nothing else, makes one wonder what they (Elizabeth and Avel) are thinking.

People...think about the Supreme Court and its possible vacancies.

...ora et labora...


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