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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is evangelism a hate crime?

Maybe so, in England.

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Well I do sometimes wish I could get the "homeless" downtown to stop bugging me for change. Do you suppose I could get them arrested for a hate crime? I do hate it when they bug me. :-)

Greg C
This is what you get without a First Amendment

I, for one, did pretty well without a first amendment for 25 years. The advantage of being English is, we don't need a constitution to tell us what's common sense.

You may scoff at it, but common sense is one of the most seriously-taken arbiters of social responsibility in England. Indeed, it probably is good common sense to stop Anglican preachers from trying it on with Muslims.

It's when I hear gun fanatics yelping about the second amendment that I'm really convinced: A written document laying out people's 'rights' is more open to interpretation than a silent understanding of what is and what is not acceptable.

That's Englishness.

This American prefers written law to 'silent understanding', 'winks and nods' etc.

we don't need a constitution to tell us what's common sense.

Interesting...the reason we have it is to restrict the government when it comes to English "common sense."

"Shariah law is inevitable" in the United Kingdom. And some how that is a bad thing?

Well Meg, it certainly doesn't have a glowing history in any of the countries where it is claimed to be practiced, does it?

I can see it now - "what are we going to do this weekend dear? I know, let's take the kids down to Kensington Square and watch the stoning! Fun for all!"

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