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Thursday, June 19, 2008

In the midnight hour, she cried, "No, no more"

I was downtown having a BLT with a guy I know today, and I travelled to and fro in the capable hands of Tri-Met. On the way home, I picked up my occasional hard copy of Willamette Week, where I always get more than I could ever extract from their website. "Win a dinner with Ron Jeremy," indeed.

Anyway, I saw with interest that bad-boy rocker Billy Idol will be playing at Edgefield soon. Yowza! "Take me back home-eh!"

But then I read the fine print: "Show starts promptly at 6:30 p.m."

On a Monday night. Metamucil City.

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Edgefield has some pretty strict rules now about how late shows out there can go. I'm sure Mr. Canfield can fill in the details.

Not a bad place to see a show though. My favorite memory was Jeff Tweedy's mid-set exclamation during last year's Wilco show.

"Jesus, aren't you people high enough yet?"

Dinner with Ron?
You bet, we could swap stories as we are noshing at Nicks Famous Coney Island.
And yes me and Ron would have the "Foot Long" of course!

Oh man, my Billy Idol experience consists mostly of 10 year-old German techno remixes... perhaps I just gave my age away.

I liked him on Dancin' Clown, with Joni Mitchell and Tom Petty: "You're a push button window ... I can run you up and down. Anytime I want I can make you my Dancin' Clown." It's an oldie.

I was previewing this for the paper this week, and it occurred to me: The guy is either squeezing the last drops from a spent career, or this will be amazing.

You know, I suspect, simply by virtue of the non-punk start time, that it may well be amazing. We should go and check it out, Jack.

I saw him at Warped Tour the year before last, he was actually really good.

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