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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I hope not, but it sounds about right

Are we using Navy ships as floating prison camps?

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Well this ship idea may be better than Multnomah County's Wapato where it will cost $384.00 a day/inmate to open the jail and use the beds.

That's right. $384 per inmate- per day.

Why? Because of the ridiculous agreements the county made when the jail was built.

So the county will be vacating some of the lesser costing justice center jail beds and opening part of Wapato.

I wouldn't be suprised some prisoners were kept for short periods of time on navy ships but jail space on board is limited. Mainly used for sailors who messed up and had to go see the 'ol man for punishment.

If the gov't kept large numbers of prisoners on board a ship it was most likely not a warship but something converted for that specific purpose. My problem with that scenario is ships are not cheap to operate. Matter of fact they are rather spendy machines, a shore facility built to do the same job would be much cheapre and easier to operate.

I'm personally more inclined to believe a few important prisoners were kept on board ships for questioning purposes. The bulk of people were most likely sent to those secret prisons in different countries we keep hearing about.

How delightfully 18th century!

And this surprises you?

Y'know, only "hope not" in one hand and pump your own gas with the other, look away, never mind, forget there are facts in the matter. Children under fire. Blood on the wire.

If you need amnesia, tune in a daily dosage of hours of LIARS blocking out truth.

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