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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hey hey, my my

Maybe the Rock 'N' Roll Cafe didn't die.

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Bad service, expensive prices - they bringing that back, too?

As a long-time Saturday breakfast-imbiber at the Hollywood Burger Bar across the street, I know their burgers are about a third the price, and probably a lot better. If the burgers are bad, you can complain to the owners and they'll fix a new burger for you. Will Mr. Rock 'n Roll do that for you?

I never made it to the place, but my reviewers tell me the biggest problem was a weird-a*s menu.

The menue was all over the place. That said, they did have one of the best (and reasonably priced) milkshakes in town.

I was at the opening and was VERY DISAPOINTED. First and foremost, they LIED about having some parking for our 1966 Corvette convertible. There was none saved for us. Two, the service and food was so-so at best.

As someone who grew up in San Francisco and went to the original Mel's Drive-Ins dozens of times, I thought the entire concept was LAME IN THE EXTREME! Not to mention the prices were way too high for the type of food you can get at any decent Dairy Queen. NEVER AGAIN!

I would go back there again, but only if they improve the food, reduce the prices, and hire waitstaff who at least pretend to enjoy serving their customers.

The concept was great, the execution of the concept horrible.

What up with all the gripes about the prices? Who in the city doesn't charge $9 for a burger these days that doesn't have a golden arch in front of the building? Prices were fine, concept was flawed. Hard to be a classic burger/shake joint with Thai salad rolls on the menu.....

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