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Friday, June 27, 2008

Have a great weekend

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Good stuff, but I prefer this one:


Indeed. That makes me want to go to that show on Monday at Edgefield.

Dang! Now that's a woman!

Its too Darn Hot!!!

Thanks Jack!

The people of my parents' era were hotter than we, our kids, or our grandkids will ever be. All they needed were clips like these -- their imaginations took it from there.

Perfect time for a concert. It gives me a chance to go out after work, belt down a few Geritols with prune juice chasers, turn up the Idol, and get home to hear my kids yell, "More, More, More" when I get done reading to them.
By the way, did you know Billy Idol was a Broad? Is still a Broad actually. Broad being his family name.

What a gorgeous talented classy lady Ann Miller was. Compare her talent with today’s icons Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears and wonder where our culture has gone.

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