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Monday, June 2, 2008

Fox News is lousy

There's a bunch of vermin in that place.

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We Bite. You Scratch.

Those aren't bed bugs, they're imaginary progressive vector and every lefty who hears about it will blindly accept that they're bed bugs, become experts and faithfully echo the drumbeat for government intervention.

Hmmmm,, similar to global warming.

Lie down with dogs, get up with ... ahhh ... erm ... how's that one go again?

Really "FOXNEWS is Lousy? Hardly, unless your a Socialist Democrat who must control the Media 100% of the time and can't stand to have the OTHER side talked about on an equal basis. I would say anyone who thinks FOXNEWS IS LOUSY ought to look in a mirror and see what a real Communist looks like.

Jack -- you see the orange letters? Those are what the kids call "links." You click on those, and they take you to other pages, where you get to see what the author of the post is referring...

Aw, never mind.

I'd say it's obvious the vermin problem at FOX is still ongoing. It seems to me that O'Reilly broadcast just recently...like Saturday. Vermin are still there.

bloody SUXNews

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